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"My biggest pity is that I have never battled with you. Now you appear again. I want to make up this pity!" Leng Wushuang of Xuantian Sect sneered and his homicidal intent poured out as flood.


The fight with Jiang Chongtian was not his real purpose; obviously, he wanted to kill Jiang Chongtian.


"Jiang Chongtian! It's my largest shame to lose to you. Now, I will scrub the humiliation!" He Zhendong of Wuxing Sect said in a cold voice. A five-color plate popped up in his hands, showing his determination to kill Jiang Chongtian.


"You should have already died. You shouldn't emerge in the world again. Now, go to hell!" The cultivator of Ancient Country Stone maintained an aloof expression and gave off mighty energy. When he opened and closed his eyes, the slight golden light turned up.


"How contemptible!" All disciples of Luoyun Sect were filled with indignation. While their grandmaster was recovering Jiang Shui's physique with all his strength, these abhorrent people seized the timing to attack Jiang Chongtian. How annoying they were!


"Martial Uncle!" Jiang Tairan, Founder of Luoyun Sect, let out a roaring in a nervous face.


The three men were not common cultivators; they were big shots at the same generation with Jiang Tairan, boasting formidable and unmeasured energy.


As the homicidal intent rushed to the sky, several terrifying skills were launched, running to Jiang Chongtian with irresistible magic energy.


Jiang Chongtian shouted at the assaults, causing the sky to shake and the skills before him to smash in a wink. The energy of those skills dissipated in the air.


Astonishment struck all cultivators. What cultivation level did Jiang Chongtian reach? Just by a shout, he resolved all bloodcurdling raids!




As the vacant space quivered, Leng Wushuang again carried out an assault. His sparkling hands moved towards, then a blood-color sea turning up and fast flowing to Jiang Chongtian with surging power.


On the other side, He Zhendong also launched a raid. With the five-color plate rotating and shimmering, a five-color Kylin (a mythical creature in China) appeared and roared, looking extremely fierce and terrifying.


The cultivator of Ancient Country Stone seemed more amazing. His muscular body dazzled with splendor, ghastly as an immortal.


"Fuck off!" Jiang Chongtian exclaimed. As he reached out his hands, extensive light burst out in a blink, all attacks being ruined directly.


Poof! Poof! Poof!


Jiang Chongtian again extended his arms to hit the three, who then flew out, spat blood and dropped down the ground.


"I can't believe it!" Leng Wushuang exclaimed, his face full of doubts.


Jiang Chongtian's strength surpassed their expectations. They were not at the same cultivation level!


"May…May you get close to that level?" He Zhendong asked in a quivering voice.


He had fought against Jiang Chongtian; at that time, the gap between him and Jiang Chongtian was not wide. However, according to this combat, he deeply realized Jiang Chongtian's formidable strength and he completely lagged behind Jiang Chongtian at cultivation level.


"Even if I get close to that level, so what? All are pipe dreams, difficult to achieve." Jiang Chongtian shook his head.


"Unrivaled cultivator!" All people here felt a very rapid heartbeat.


The three, including Leng Wushuang, all were famed elder strong cultivators, but they couldn't parry Jiang Chongtian's one counterattack. This really shocked them.


"Who can compete with Jiang Chongtia in North Domain?" A cultivator spoke out all people's thought.

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