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As splendor spread over the stone pond, Jiang Shui seemed elegant and stunning with an air of distinction; under the expansive light, her skin looked perfect.


With the strong heartbeat, Jiang Shui released mighty energy fluctuation, the energy in the pond crazily entering into her body.


"Amass gene and rebuild physique!" Jiang Chongtian let out a roaring, magic light bursting out of his eyes. After this most important step, Jiang Shui would thoroughly remold herself and Taiyin Physique would be complete.


Boom! Boom! Pow!


There came the shaking sound from the stone pond. Thunder rolled in the air and magic light rushed to the sky, lighting up the surrounding place.


Jiang Chongtian put on a dignified expression; the magic strength ran in his body for recovering the incomplete Taiyin Physique.


"It's only Senior Jiang Chongtian can do that! It's impossible for others to retain such huge consumption in magic strength!"


Astonishment overwhelmed cultivators here.


Rebuilding physique actually went against natural rules. It couldn't succeed without the support by strong methods.


Suddenly, a snow-white, sharp long sword popped up and fast cut to Jiang Shui.


"How vicious! Someone knows he can't defeat Senior Jiang Chongtian, so he turns to attack Jiang Shui!" Cultivators around the pond changed their expressions.


They immediately understood the one's purpose. If Jiang Shui owned a complete Taiyin Physique, she would then boast an infinite potential in cultivation. Later, she must be a top cultivator who was unrivaled in a domain. This moment was the best timing to kill Jiang Shui; in case of missing the chance, it would be difficult to deprive Jiang Shui of her life.




Jiang Chongtian sneered and the long sword stopped in the air at once. Just in a wink, the sword crumbled and its fragments scattered on the ground.


In the meantime, two beams of magic lights shot out of his eyes. Instantly, a cultivator flew out and two horrific blood-color holes appeared on his body.


The cultivator was the one who had launched a raid to Jiang Shui just now.


"I must kill you if you want to carry out an assault again!" Jiang Chongtian warned in a cold voice and his homicidal intent nearly touched the sky, shocking all cultivators.


This was the most important step in the recovery! He would not stand any mistake!


As splendor came out from the stone pond, Jiang Shui looked very bright and perfect; with the pervasive holy feeling, she seemed like a fairy.


Her heart beat increasingly strong, as playing a drum. The black substance was constantly squeezed out of her body, resulting in water boiling and rolling.


Suddenly, a beam of red light curled around her, like fire, and burnt all black substance in water. Then, the water in the stone pond became purer and endless vital energy rapidly spilt into Jiang Shui's body.


"Well done!" Jiang Chongtian's eyes sparkled, for he knew Jiang Shui's physique had been rebuilt and her Taiyin Physique became complete!


"Grandmaster, thank you very much!" Jiang Shui opened her big eyes and long eyelashes shook, her face full of gratitude.


Current Jiang Shui gave people a different feeling, which made people want to be close to her.


"Feel it!" Jiang Chongtian said in a pleasant voice.


"Okay!" Jiang Shui closed her eyes. As her spiritual sense floated within the body, she clearly felt changes everywhere. The intense comfort struck her.


"There will be an unrivaled cultivator in the northern area!" Quite a few cultivators sighed with emotion.


Jiang Shui's physique had been changed, so they would have no chance to obstruct her growth!


"Senior Jiang Chongtian, Congratulations! We have something important to do, so we have to say goodbye." Many cultivators said with a somber face.


This visit really hurt them!


Jiang Chongtian was not only in good health, but also featured formidable strength. Moreover, Jiang Shui's physique had been rebuilt, which was extremely terrible for them.


Luoyun Sect was going to rise, and they would be overshadowed.

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