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The water in the stone pond was glittering and translucent, giving off fragrant smell. Jiang Chongtian not only created the pond by himself, but also transferred the water from a magic spring to the pond.


Jiang Shui slightly walked into the stone pond, the water extending to her slim shank.


"Sit down and hold your spirit. Don't think other things." Jiang Chongtian reminded Jiang Shui in a gentle voice.


"Yes, Grandmaster." Jiang Shui nodded and hunkered down; she closed her beautiful eyes, her long eyelashes quivering, extremely stunning.


"Open!" Jiang Chongtian roared in a sudden. He waved his hands to form the trace of immortal path, and the stone pond sparkled immediately, magic lights spreading everywhere.


Like a spell being unsealed, the water in stone pond suddenly burst out infinite vital spirits; the bright lights swam in the pond as dragons.


"Fine." Jiang Chongtian nodded with satisfaction.


The exceedingly pure energy in the water flowed over into Jiang Shui's body, making her release milk-white splendor. With the spreading aromatic smell, she looked like a fairy of heaven, lovely and unearthly.


The tick sound resounded.


Jiang Chongtian put a panacea into the stone pond, causing the energy in the pond to be more intense and the sweet smell of Jiang Shui to be more redolent.




As a kind of black substance came out from Jiang Shui and flowed into the pond, the water bubbled up instantly and big waves rolled over and over again.


"Jiang Shui is not suitable for cultivation due to her incomplete Taiyin Physique. As long as the physique becomes complete, it will be a perfect cultivation physique." Jiang Chongtian put another panacea into the stone pond, lights shimmering in his eyes.


All these panaceas came from Yuanyi School. Because they boasted innate Yin features, they were fit for filling the gap of Jiang Shui's Taiyin Physique.


In fact, panacea was the secondary factor; the most important part was to exert magic power on applying the panacea to fill up the gap.


This step was very significant and difficult. Only a slight mistake would deprive Jiang Shui of life.


All cultivators around the pond blinked their eyes.


They came here for two purposes. One was to figure out Jiang Chongtian's health condition and cultivation level; the other was to destroy the recovery for Jiang Shui.


Luoyun Sect had owned Phoenix Lin Xi!


If Jiang Shui's physique was recovered, then Luoyun Sect would have two remarkably talented people, who were doomed to obtain unexpected achievements. Later, Luoyun Sect might surpass other powers and become the strongest sect in the northern area!


A cultivator launched a raid without any hesitance at this moment. As the brilliant splendor blew up, the attack rushed to Jiang Chongtian head-on.


This cultivator posted amazing strength. As a top cultivator in a large power, though he couldn't triumph over elder strong cultivators, he was strong enough.


"Don't bother me." Jiang Chongtian released formidable energy and moved his hand, the cultivator flying to the other side.


"How powerful he is…" Amazement appeared in other cultivators' eyes.


Even though Jiang Chongtian devoted himself to recovering Jiang Shui's physique, he could still give play to mighty energy. His unrivaled momentum really startled people here.

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