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"All right…" Jiang Chongtian didn't talk too much. With an indifferent expression, he just walked to the top seat and sat down.


He seemed to be a common elder man at this moment, not like an unrivaled cultivator of an area.


However, nobody dared to underestimate him, because they were clear about Jiang Chongtian's mighty strength. It was easy for him to kill them just by one attack.


"Where are Yuanyi School's friends?" Jiang Chongtian looked around the palace and didn't find any cultivator of Yuanyi School.


"It seems Yuanyi School's friends don't care my words." Jiang Chongtian cooled down his face gradually, the temperature in the palace lowering immediately.


Cultivators from different powers couldn't help sweating.


At the moment, they completely believed that Jiang Chongtian was in good health and he maintained his cultivation realm at his best.


Because the coercion they bore from Jiang Chongtian was extremely formidable. Although they reached a high level in cultivation, they couldn't fend against the coercion.


Suddenly, several people touched down out of the palace.


Each one of these men was embraced by strong and unbeatable energy, especially the elder man in front of them. The elder man looked very strange for one half of his hair was white and the other half was black.


He got into the palace step by step. Almost all cultivators in the palace walked backward, paying respect to the elder man.


When seeing the elder man, Jiang Chongtian let out a laugh, "I know you'll not forget me!"


"It's good to see you alive." The elder man opened his mouth coldly. Obviously, he didn't fear Jiang Chongtian.


"Senior Leng Wushuang! He comes from Xuantian Sect! He is at the same generation with Senior Jiang Chongtian!"


"It's said that Leng Wushuang has devoted himself to closed door cultivation, to hit a higher cultivation realm. Now he appears in Luoyun Sect, does it mean he succeeds?"


Astonishment struck all cultivators here.


Leng Wushuang was also an extraordinary man; he was able to compete with Jiang Chongtian based on his strong strength.


"You're still alive. How can I die?" Jiang Chongtian smiled slightly.




Outside the palace emerged a bronze chariot, which was pulled by 5 supernatural animals. What a striking scene!


An elder man stood on the bronze chariot, his body glittering and his energy terrifying.


"Jiang Chongtian, you really surprise me! You survive from that battle!" The elder man laughed, flew down and entered into the palace.


Inside the palace, all cultivators were hit by amazement again. The new comer was also an unrivaled cultivator of an area!


"He is Senior He Zhendong of Wuxing Sect! Also at the same generation with Senior Jiang Chongtian!"


"It's said that Senior He Zhendong had ever battled with Senior Jiang Chongtian. There is small difference between them in cultivation. Senior Jiang Chongtian is a little stronger than Senior He Zhendong."


Cultivators in the palace again discussed in a low voice.


"I'm also amazed. But luckily, I'm still alive." Jiang Chongtian sat on the top seat and replied in calmness.


Noise came in the palace repeatedly. Powerful cultivators showed their faces continuously; all of them were invincible in their own areas.

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