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The northern area of North Domain in East Land was bustling with noise and excitement these days. The rainbow bridges could be seen in the air usually; above them were some strong cultivators of the top-class powers.


At the entrance of Luoyun Sect, quite a few strong cultivators of the northern area gathered for visiting Jiang Chongtian.


This was Jiang Chongtian's fame! After he had appeared, many people scrambled to meet him.


However, Jiang Chongtian was not in the palace of Luoyun Sect; he stayed in the mountain behind the sect.


"I don't have much time, so I'll make preparations for Luoyun Sect." Before a clear creek, Jiang Chongtian and a young man were chatting.


"Grandmaster, what can I do?" The young man gave a salute to Jiang Chongtian. When he showed his face, it was Ye Feng!


Jiang Chongtian turned to Ye Feng with gentle sights, "You and Jiang Shui are hopes of Luoyun Sect. I want to send you two to the Spiritual Road!"


"Spiritual Road?" Ye Feng got a little surprised.


"Yes. After I pass away, Luoyun Sect will suffer a disaster. I expect you two to step on the Spiritual Road and to enter into Saint School for cultivation in the end." Said Jiang Chongtian with a calm expression.


"Can I get in the Spiritual Road now?" Ye Feng asked in puzzlement. Although he had heard the Spiritual Road earlier, he didn't know it well.


"Others may say no. But I can say yes." Jiang Chongtian's eyes sparkled.


"Thank you! Grandmaster! I won't let you down." Excitement hit Ye Feng. When he thought of Lin Xi being in the Spiritual Road, his blood was burning up.


"I believe you can do it! You're best among disciples of Luoyun Sect." Jiang Chongtian raised his head to look at sky, and sighed with emotion, "Cultivation runs counter to the natural rules. But compared with the nature, human beings are too tiny."


At this time, Jiang Tairan got close to them, "Martial Uncle, there are so many guests now. Could you please meet them?"


"Let's go." Jiang Chongtian replied.


When coming to Ye Feng's side, Jiang Chongtian whispered in earnest suddenly, "Luoyun Sect's hope transfers to you now…"


Ye Feng trembled. It was first time for him to feel the strong belonging sense in Luoyun Sect.


"Grandmaster, believe me! Only I live in the world, Luoyun Sect will not vanish!"




In the palace of Luoyun Sect were dozens of mighty cultivators, coming from the top-class powers of the northern area.


"Senior Jiang!"


"It's nice to see Senior Jiang fine. Our Leader can be relieved!"


When Jiang Chongtian showed his face in the palace, all cultivators walked to him with smile.


Jiang Chongtian was not a common man! He had been regarded as the No. 1 cultivator in the northern area 300 years ago.


"My familiar men are not here." Jiang Chongtian opened his mouth.


People here were strange for him; people of the same generation with him didn't come here.


"Alas! Maybe they have forgotten me earlier…" Jiang Chongtian shook his head.


All cultivators changed their expressions. The elder strong cultivators of their own powers had refused to get there for they didn't want to lower their heads before Jiang Chongtian. But cultivators here didn't imagine that Jiang Chongtian would call to account at first.


"Senior Jiang, my Martial Uncle has not forgotten you. He needs to cope with some important matters, so he really has no time to come here. Please pardon him!"


"Senior Jiang overawes the northern area. It's impossible for people to forget you. My Martial Uncle is indeed busy with affairs."


Plenty of cultivators explained to Jiang Chongtian at once.

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