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"Big shots of North Domain all come here…" All cultivators in the palace were shocked for these big shots were extremely strong.


At the same time, they got regretted. These mighty big shots showed their faces in Luoyun Sect but the elder cultivators of their sects didn't come; this seemed to be disrespectful to Jiang Chongtian.


"I hope Senior Jiang Chongtian can neglect that…" These cultivators prayed inwardly.


At this moment, they deeply realized Jiang Chongtian's high status. Hearing his information in recent days, many big shots came here to visit him.


"How rash Yuanyi School is! They haven't gotten here yet. Do they want to provoke Jiang Chongtian?"


Cultivators noticed that all seniors and big shots of the top powers of North Domain appeared in Luoyun Sect, except Yuanyi School.


"Jiang Chongtian, you look good as before…" An elder man turned up. He wore a gold crown and his clothes were decorated with dragon patterns. He was covered by bright light, seeming utterly extraordinary.


"He is from Ancient Country Stone in East Land!"


"Ancient Country Stone has a long history and strong background. But it still dispatches people to Luoyun Sect! How uncommon Senior Jiang Chongtian is!"


Cultivators in palace again opened their eyes wide.


Ancient Country Stone was a little stronger than their own powers in influence.


"It's nice to see my old friends come here!" Jiang Chongtian stood up. Before these powerful big shots, he didn't change his expression at all, still calm.


"But, I'm waiting for friends from Yuanyi School." Aloof voice of Jiang Chongtian echoed.


The temperature in the palace lowered again. All people here knew what had happened between Luoyun Sect and Yuanyi School.


"Yuanyi School did a wrong choice this time. When Senior Jiang Chongtian stayed in Luoyun Sect before, they actively presented to make an engagement with Luoyun Sect. However, when Luoyun Sect is downfallen now, they want to break off the engagement. How ridiculous!"


"Not necessarily. Current Yuanyi School grows very fast. Quite a few cultivators of it have high levels in cultivation. Although Jiang Chongtian emerges again, Yuanyi School will not suffer serious damage."


Plenty of cultivators discussed in a low voice.


At this time, several young people appeared outside and walked into the palace.


"Nice to meet you, Senior Jiang. Our Yuanyi School's Leader and Elders are busy with important matters and have no time come here. So I'm on behalf of Yuanyi School to visit you." One young man explained with composure.


Cultivators around him changed their expressions. What did Yuanyi School mean? Did it look down upon Jiang Chongtian? How dared it send a disciple to pay a visit?


But they understood Yuanyi School's action soon. As the No. 1 sect in North Domain, if Yuanyi School dispatched its significant Elders to Luoyun Sect for providing herbal remedies as Jiang Chongtian requested, it would be despised by other powers.


"Although our Leader and Elders can't come here, Leader knows Senior Jiang will help Jiang Shui perfect her physique. When he heard Luoyun Sect has no enough herbal remedies for the recovery, he ordered me to bring your lacked herbal remedies to you." The young man seemed exceedingly steady.


The fact was that Yuanyi School was forced to offer herbal remedies. However, according to the young man's description, it seemed like Luoyun Sect asking Yuanyi School for help and Yuanyi School assisted Luoyun Sect in good taste.


"Does Yuanyi School disdain Luoyun Sect? You, a disciple, represent your sect to come here!" Jaing Tairan darkened his face.


"No, my attendance shows our respect to Luoyun Sect. As before, Yuanyi School will dispatch outer disciples to visit other sects and powers." The young man maintained his composure and replied.

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