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Ye Feng froze his eyes. Qin Yu was too cunning. Qin Yu knew he would lose to Ye Feng on the arena, so he left the arena without any hesitance.


"No. Ye Feng!" Jiang Shui roared. Qin Yu was so powerful that Ye Feng would be killed by him easily if under the arena.


"Shut up!" Qin Yu snorted and released mighty energy, Jiang Shui flying out directly.


"What the hell!" Jiang Tairan, Founder of Luoyun Sect, launched a huge lightning attack to Qin Yu.


However, Qin Yu just waved his hand and straight ruined the lightning.


This was formidable strength!


He was an excellent big shot and could look down upon all people here in terms of his cultivation level of Hequan Realm.


"Ye Feng! Get down at once!" An Elder of Kendo Inheritance stood out, pointed to Ye Feng and let out an angry exclamation.


"Founder, I said Ye Feng is audacious and we shouldn't allow him to stay in the sect earlier. Look! He triggers a disaster for Luoyun Sect!"


Another Elder of Kendo Inheritance opened his mouth in rage. The only possible method to quiet down Qin Yu's fury was to sacrifice Ye Feng. Otherwise, they would die here today.


"Ye Feng…Get down immediately!"


"You made unforgivable sin! How dared you destroy the son of Yuanyi School's Leader? From today, you're not the disciple of Luoyun Sect any more! You have no relation with Luoyun Sect!"


"Why should we be punished with you? You're of the most heinous guilt!"


Many Elders of Kendo Inheritance criticized Ye Feng for his behaviors one after another.


"Where is your dignity?" Ye Feng whooped, limitless anger almost rushing out of his eyes.


"I never do something disgraceful. And I do right by my own conscience!" Ye Feng cast a cold glimpse on disciples of Yuanyi School and continued, "Who want to kill me? Let's fight!"


"I gave you a chance!" Qin Yu said indifferently.


In a sudden, the light in his eyes boomed and brilliant splendor curled round him. He crossed his arms and then a powerful long knife popping up.


"I devastate Luoyun Sect now!" Qin Yu's aloof sound resounded. With his long knife moving, several disciples of Luoyun Sect lost their lives instantly.


"Ah!" Screams echoed constantly. Qin Yu, like a devil, launched a slaughter without any mercy. More and more disciples of Luoyun Sect were killed.


Jiang Tairan couldn't hold his fury back. As his hands were covered by splendor, an ancient mirror appeared. He waved his right hand and the ancient mirror gave off soft rays, forming ripples that came to Qin Yu.


In the meantime, other Elders of Luoyun Sect carried out assaults to Qin Yu. They knew only by killing Qin Yu, could they survive.


"Kill!" As the roaring rose to sky, disciples of Luoyun Sect also fought against disciples of Yuanyi School.


"I can kill all of you just by myself." Qin Yu maintained his composure. With the dazzling splendor and terrifying energy, he broke Jiang Tairan's raid easily. Later, he deprived several Luoyun Sect Elders of their lives in a wink.


Qin Yu was so formidable that there was no one could stop him. Soon, blood flowed like stream and bones were piled up into a mountain.

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