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"Asshole! I get down now! Come here!" Ye Feng roared and jumped down from the arena. He couldn't stand by and see Luoyun Sect suffering a massacre.


"You're gonna die!" Qin Yu turned round immediately and gave an indifferent glance to Ye Feng. He then gave up killing Jiang Tairan and other people, and attacked Ye Feng.


"Ye Feng! Attention!" Jiang Shui exclaimed with tears rolling in her eyes.


"Junior Ye! Go! When you become stronger, remember avenge us!"


"Stop Qin Yu! Let Junior Ye leave here!"


A large number of disciples of Luoyun Sect stood out and resisted Qin Yu, just striving for time for Ye Feng. They knew Ye Feng had done nothing wrong; he fought for Luoyun Sect. Therefore, they couldn't enable him to die here.


"Fuck off!" With an aloof expression, Qin Yu extended his hands and released powerful energy, directly killing disciples in his way.


"Asshole!" Ye Feng got bristling and completely chilled his eyes.


"Today, Luoyun Sect will disappear in the world!" Qin Yu waved his hand, a sharp assault rushing to Ye Feng. He planned to first kill Ye Feng, and deprive all other people of lives later.


Ye Feng spared no effort to parry this raid; however, Qin Yu was so mighty! Without any doubt, he suffered serious injuries, fell down to the ground and spat out blood.


"You're nobody in my eyes! I can kill you easily!" With an arrogant expression, Qin Yu moved his hand again. A kind of fearful energy fluctuation came out and ran to Ye Feng. If Ye Feng was hit by this attack, he would die straight.


"Qin Yu! How dare you launch a bloodbath here?" As an angry shout came from the distant sky, an elderly man appeared with terrifying energy. He resolved Qin Yu's assault directly.


"Martial Uncle!"




Elders and disciples of Luoyun Sect let out screams in surprise when they saw the elderly man.


"Jiang Chongtian, why are you still alive?" Qin Yu fell into astonishment.


It was obvious that the elderly man was an uncommon person, owning shocking identity.


"Martial Uncle! It's nice to see you here!" Jiang Tairan cried and whooped with excitement.


"I'm too late!" Jiang Chongtian sighed.                                                


He came here late actually. More than 100 disciples of Luoyun Sect lost their lives and their blood incarnadined the ground.


"I heard you had died in that battle! Why are you alive?" Qin Yu roared. Startled by Jiang Chongtian, his words became disordered. He was clear that if Jiang Chongtian was in good health, he would be dangerous!


"I'm lucky to survive." Jiang Chongtian replied and got into memory.


But he found his mind fast, gazed at Qin Yu and continued, "I'm here. Nobody can offend Luoyun Sect in the future!"


Despair flashed in Qin Yu's eyes. Although he was at the Hequan Realm, he couldn't compete with Jiang Chongtian.


"No! I don't believe you're fine after that battle!" Qin Yu exclaimed. As the hope emerged in his eyes and potent magic power ran, he launched a raid to Jiang Chongtian.


"Yuanyi School goes too far. You need a lesson!" Jiang Chongtian peered at Qin Yu coolly.

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