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"I kill so many reckless people like you!" Qin Yu jeered at Ye Feng. With his white hair swaying in wind, a kind of mighty energy broke out. He stood straight, splendor emerging on his fingertip. He was extraordinary, for he could release such strong energy even at the Qi Condensation.


"Useless!" Ye Feng's eyes were clear and his body sparkled, seeming like an immortal. He launched raid to Qin Yu with irresistible momentum.


At the same cultivation level, he could be regarded as a king in terms of his Saint Physique and immortal method, and almost nobody could compete with him.


Poof! Qin Yu flew out and spat out blood just by a plume.




"May he the reincarnation of an immortal?"


All spectators were astonished. Ye Feng was remarkably formidable, like a young immortal, showing an unrivaled feeling!


Qin Yu had obtained fame long time ago, but he couldn't withstand an assault by Ye Feng. The scene that he spat out blood really astounded people.


"Fuck you!" The rage nearly rushed out of Qin Yu's eyes. He hadn't been hurt in these years, but now, he suffered injuries from a low-status outer disciple.




Qin Yu moved in the light and his speed was thrilling, fast like an aurora.


Ye Feng raised the Red Sky Plumes and prepared for attacking Qin Yu.


"Give me your life!" Qin Yu sneered and released powerful energy. His hands were glittering; it seemed like he would carry out a violent attack to Ye Feng.


However, before he would hit with Ye Feng at once, he changed the path in a sudden. He appeared beside Qin Chuan and took Qin Chuan to retreat from the arena.


"Today, Luoyun Sect will vanish!" Qin Yu froze his eyes and let out indifferent words.


He was extremely calm; he knew it was difficult to conquer Ye Feng on the arena, for his cultivation realm was restricted. Therefore, he left the arena without any hesitance. He was clear that he would be unbeatable here under the arena.


With the dazzling light surrounding him, Qin Yu raised his eyebrows and stretched out one finger. Immediately, an Elder of Luoyun Sect blew up, his flesh and blood spreading all over the ground.


"What are you doing!" Founder of Luoyun Sect roared, boundless chill bursting out of his eyes.


"Call the jerk down. Otherwise, I will launch a massacre." Qin Yu let out a cold laugh. Nobody here could be on a par with him in strength. If Ye Feng got down from the arena, he could kill Ye Feng easily.


"Qin Yu, don't go too far!" Founder of Luoyun Sect glared at Qin Yu.


"So what?" Qin Yu replied with scorn. He lifted his hand and an Elder died due to explosion.


He was utterly cold-blooded to deprive Luoyun Sect Elders of their lives, so as to force Ye Feng to walk down from the arena. He even planned to destroy Luoyun Sect!


"You…You…" Founder of Luoyun Sect lost color in his face and clenched his fists because of fury.


"Get down!" Qin Yu didn't change his expression and raised his hand to kill another Elder.


"Asshole! You will die like a dog!" Ye Feng fell into rage and threw out the Red Sky Plumes to Qin Yu.


"I repeat again. Get down now. Otherwise, I will launch a massacre!" Qin Yu held his composure. When the Red Sky Plumes got close to him, he seized it directly with one hand.

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