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Chapter  15  Uproot the Tree 100 Meters Away



It's really annoying to have a talk with you guys who act like a snob, and quickly, I am very busy now. "


Ye Feng said impatiently.


If it wasn't for the lower magic tool, he would have left already and wouldn't have been stay with Xiao Yun for so long time.


"You are such a hard-ass! Let me see if you can say the same words later!"


Xiao Yun sneered, and his whole body was shining bright. He looked extremely focused, and his eyes were staring at the big tree 100 meters away.




He shouted and beamed a beam of light, quickly flied toward the big tree.




The big tree moved with the trunk shook. The leaves rustled and fell down.


"Look!That's who he is! Only senior brother Xiao Yun can do such a difficult thing like this!"


" The big tree will be uprooted immediately!"


The factotum disciples around exclaimed, to pull out the tree from 100 meters away. This is really unbelievable!


They looked at Xiao Yun with reverence.


And there more and more admiration in their hearts.


Xiao Yun was at the similar age with them, but his strength was more stronger than they have.


"Hey, Ye Feng, you'd better to give up. Look that, you never could do it as him!"


A factotum disciple looked at Ye Feng and sneered.




A hundred meters away, with a sound of crashing, the big tree was actually uproot by Xiao Yun with divine power!


"See? Only the one could control the divine power at least like this,then it's possible to us to   pass the outer assessment and become an outside disciple!"


Xiao Yun took a deep breath and regained his divine power. He looked at Ye Feng in condescending manner and said.


"Senior brother(Xiao Yun) is really terrific. I think it's not too far away from becoming an inner disciple for you!"


"Ye Feng is just a bullshit, he shouldn't even be compared with Xiao Yun! Senior brother,let's not talk to him of the same level. It's not worth it!"


Xiao Yun was surrounded by the disciples, and all of them lick Xiao Yun's boots constantly.


At the same time, they also requested very strongly that Xiao Yun should teach Ye Feng a class.


Ye Feng really was too defiant, and even he beaten them down the ground, which made them extremely angry.


"Don't worry,Junior brothers, as long as he can't uproot the big tree 100 meters away, I will not let him go.Unless he apologize to me."


Xiao Yun said with a smile.


He absolutely does not believe Ye Feng can do it!


"What a shame to uproot a tree with such a lot of difficulty.You shouldn't be so cokey and cheeky!"


Ye Feng said with a look of disdain.


Pulling out a tree from 100 meters away, in the past, it was simply impossible to him.


But now it was different. His cultivation has already reached the five-fold condensation realm. It was just a piece of cake to pull out a tree from a hundred meters.


"Don't blow your own horn!"


Xiao Yun's face became pale with anger.


He was really angry to Ye, how dare he provoked him again and again.


"Later,i would let you not only to apologize but also to interrupt your legs! It's what you need to pay for shooting from the lip!"


Xiao Yun looked at Ye Feng and said coldly.


"Just with you ?"


Ye Feng disdained, he was no longer the kind of person that everyone could insulted, but who has the strongest system!


The small role of Xiao Yun is not worth mentioning in his eyes.


"You...! Say something less, start it!"


Xiao Yun flied into a rage, he could not help it any longer to take him the lesson!


"This is too simple. I even don't need to use all my power at all."


Ye Feng did not care a cent and said.


He gently waved his hand and a light bursted out. With a sound of bang,The big tree 100 meters away from the distance was uprooted by him.


"The performance you just made is, in my opinion, not worth mentioning!"


Ye Feng chuckled loudly, and the big hand waved again. The big tree also followed his rhythm and turned quickly in mid-air!


Under the control of Ye Feng, the big tree rushed and hit down the big trees all around!


"How... how is this possible?!"


"How can he do it?!"


Around him, all the disciples were stunned and looked at Ye Feng in disbelief.


To pull out the tree from one hundred meters, such a thing was already very difficult to do!


But,Ye Feng actually did it so easily, and even he could controlled the tree to hit the surrounding trees, which made them totally stunned!


"There is absolutely something wrong with you!"


Xiao Yun shouted with a look of disbelief.


He often did it as a practice, so he knew how difficult it would be.Ye Feng is just a waste of a first condensation rea, such a difficult thing, Ye Feng obviously can not do it!


"Tell me, what's wrong with you?"


Xiaoyun glared at Ye Feng and said!


"Did you want to stack the deck?"


Ye Feng looked at Xiao Yun calmly.


"I don't believe that such a waste of first condensation realm like you could uproot the tree out of 100 meters!"


Xiao Yun could not believe it at all, and he firmly thought that Ye Feng must has resorted to low cunning!


"Want to stack the deck before me?!"


Ye Feng said and there was a light of anger brust out.


"Give me the lower magic tool!"


Ye Feng looked at Xiao Yun and said coldly.


"No! Si Mu Seal can't be given to you!"


Xiao Yun's face was grim, the Si Mu Seal were too precious, and whatever he won't gave it to Ye Feng!


"Well, then do not blame me not being impolite to you."


Ye Feng said indifferently.


"Are you trying to threat me? Haha, interesting. A waste, dare to threat me. You want to die,hoss?"


Xiao Yun laughed.


He was a outer disciple with five-fold condensation realm.


Like Ye Feng, he could kill him just like a ant.


"He must go crazy."


"He think that he has the brute force and then he could fight against Xiao Yun! It's too funny and naive!"


The disciples in the surrounding area laughed loudly,and mocked Ye Feng's incommensurability.


"Oh, really?"


Ye Feng shook his head, and then the body's imposing suddenly changed into fierce and cursing!


His body glowed and the imposing was strong like a real dragon. He punched his fists directly and began to attack Xiao Yun fiercely.


"Down to hell!"


Xiao Yun shouted, Ye Feng dared to shoot him, it's really overwhelmed!



As he moved, a blue light curtain showed up from him, and the whole person was extraordinary and looked very different.


"I do will break your legs today!"


Xiao Yun smiled grimly and broke out with a horrible imposing. He swung his hand and waved his fist agianst with Ye Feng.




Their fists collided, and a loud bang broke out with a extremely terrify imposing.


Ye Feng stood in the same place with the bright eyes,and the clothes flutter in the wind, he looked like a shrine, calm and confident.


In contrast,Xiao Yun stepped back a few meters, his cloth was broken and there was blood spilled from the corners of his mouth.


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