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Chapter  14  Competition


"Just a bullshit, How dare you to impolite Senior brother Yun.That's really unforgivable!"


All of the factotum disciples were filled with indignation with their eyes scowled widely and punched the Ye Feng in a ruthless manner.


For them, Ye Feng was a complete waste. None of them had any respect for him, and no one took him as his mate.


"Well, you ask for it!!"


Ye Feng looked calm. He now had the cultivation of the 5th Layer QI Condensation realm. They were really not his opponents at all.


Even, he did not need to use any divine power, but deal with them only by using the physical strength of the one-star Saint Physique.




Attacked by the punches of the factotum disciples,there was a light suddenly burst out of Ye Feng's eyes while his imposing became fierce and terrible.


His body glowed, and with one punch hit,all the disciples were directly down to the ground!


"It hurts!"


"How could that be possible? He is just a waste. Where did he get this power?"


All the disciples on the ground were struck dumb with amazement. They looked at Ye Feng as they never knew him before!


In their impression, Ye Feng was always just a waste that everyone could insulted.


But now, Ye Feng has hit so many of them down the ground just by one punch,which was really terrified!


Xiao Yun looked at Ye Feng and his eyes revealed a surprise.


He has had contact with Ye Feng when he was a factotum disciple.


It was no exaggeration to say that every disciples here, even if the one who had just entered the Sect,was much stronger than Ye Feng.


but now……


Ye Feng actually subverted his cognition, a well-known waste defeated so many disciples just by one punch!


Which totally unbelievable.


"Ye Feng, they are too saucy, but please let it go."


Xiao Yun apologized and quickly walked to Ye Feng.


Ye Feng fixed his eyes on him calmly without saying a word.


Xiao Yun was kind of diffidently under Ye Feng's gaze. It was a gaze with breathtaking chill that he couldn't faced.


"I just care about them. You know, to be a outer disciple, it is not only necessary to cultivate to the realm of 3rd layer QI condensation, but also to assess the control of the divine power ..."


Xiao Yun said apologetically.


"It's all your fault,bullshit!"


"Once we all listened well, you have interrupted everything!"


The factotum disciples could not took it lying down and said.


Senior brother Xiao Yun was right. The assessment of the outer disciples not just depended on whether the cultivation has reached the 3rd layer QI condensation realm, but also the control of divine power!


Only if both were up to standard can they be promoted as outer disciples.


"Junior brother Ye Feng, you have great potential. Maybe you can join us and listen the experience together, so that you could have a general idea of what you are going to do for the assessment."


Xiao Yun smiled and said to Ye Feng.


"I have no interest ."


Ye Feng looked indifferent and ignored the invitation of Xiao Yun,then turned away.


"Ye Feng...Do not over do it!"


Xiao Yun's face clouded, he pulled down his face to invite Ye Feng already, but Ye Feng dared to rejected him directly. It did really not give his face!


He was also shocked by the strange power Ye Feng had, otherwise he wouldn't pulled down his face to say that.


"For me, you are not qualified enough to explain how to control the divine power. I'd better to go back for rest instead of spending time to listen to something nonsense."


Ye Feng said.


"It seems that you have a lot of confidence! Well, then can you have a competition with me?"


Xiao Yun sneered.


"Ummmm,sorry. Maybe you could compete with me if you are the top ten of the outer disciples.But now, you cannot!"


Ye Feng looked at Xiao Yun and said indifferently.


"You...! Since you think so, then i would like to compete with you more!"


Xiao Yun was inflamed by Ye Feng's words and his face went purple with rage, a waste dared to despise him so demeaning!


If it was not to maintain his good image, he has already punched on Ye Feng to teach him a lesson.


"You really want to compete with me? It's okay. But do you have any Spiritual Core or Magic Tools?"


Ye Feng's eyes brightened, Spiritual Core and Magic Tools could also increased experience values.


If Xiao Yun really had it, he wouldn't mind competing with Xiao Yun.


After all, he was absolutely sure that Xiao Yun will never be able to win.


"Sure! If you win, this lower Magic Tool will be your."


Xiao Yun said with a glacial stare.


He was completely angered by Ye Feng.


With a bang, a ray of light appeared, and there was a square wooden seal showed up on his hand.


This wooden seal was covered by blueness light, and looked very extraordinary.


"It's not so bad. But fine,i can compete with you."


Ye Feng was kind of lack of interest, he had thought that Xiao Yun could had some upper Magic Tools instead of just one lower Magic Tool.


However, he changed his mind soon and thought that he had thought too much.


Xiao Yun, after all,was just an outer disciple, how could it possible that he had any upper Magic Tools?


"If you lost,you should down your kneels and apologize to me!"


Xiao Yun was totally furious in his heart.


Ye Feng's expression was really annoying!


He dared to despise it!


It should be known, even for outer disciples, it's not everyone could got a Magic Tool!


Because he has performed very well, so that he was given the lower Magic Tool by the elders in the Sect.


"Cut the crap and let's get started!"


Ye Feng looked impatient.


Just a lower Magic Tool, he really did not care.


"Well, wait and see!"


Xiao Yun sneered and pointed at a big tree 100 meters away. "Let's see who can pull up the big tree! The one who can't uproot it lost!"


Pulling up a tree 100 meters away only by divine power.It was impossible to do it without a good control of divine power!


"Maybe I can forgive you for your previous rudeness if you give me an apology and give up right now."


Xiao Yun said proudly.


He had absolute self-confidence to make it. Cuz He had done it numerous times before.


Ye Feng, however, was a waste of 1st Layer QI condensation realm. It was impossible to do such a thing as pulling out trees 100 meters away!


"Humph, he definitely can't do it! Even to artifice divine power for him is impossible!"


"Manipulating divine power and pulling out trees 100 meters away, even if some outer disciples can't do it!"


"I'd like to see what is the waste going to do!"


All the disciples looked at Ye Feng with laughing out loudly.


They did not believe that Ye Feng could made it and all waited to see Ye Feng's joke!

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