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Clang! Clang! Clang!


The Red Sky Plumes sparkled; each plume, flying across the sky like a red spear, brought horrendous energy to chop Qin Chuan.


"Damn!" Qin Chuan cursed and crazily collected the inside magic power to parry the Red Sky Plumes.


The Red Sky Plumes was his magic tool, but it was used by Ye Feng! How ridiculous!


When Qin Chuan was busy in dealing with the Red Sky Plumes, Ye Feng sneered and stretched one finger with Yuxu Skill running. He attacked Qin Chuan immediately.


"Be careful!" Disciples of Yuanyi School hugely changed their expressions. The finger of Ye Feng was extremely powerful. Their senior brothers and sister had been destroyed by the finger. Therefore, they got nervous when they saw Ye Feng launching this same raid.


Under the arena, Qin Yu was more agitated than those disciples of Yuanyi School, for he felt a kind of formidable energy from Ye Feng's finger. It was amazing! Ye Feng and Qin Chuan were at the Qi Condensation. But Ye Feng could carry out an assault with startling energy just based on the low cultivation level.


"Qin Chuan!" Qin Yu roared. As the magic power operated, he rushed to the arena to help Qin Chuan.




Qin Yu was too late. Before he stood on the arena, a horrific big hole appeared on Qin Chuan's body, his blood incarnadining the ground.


"You!" Qin Chuan opened his eyes wide; he didn't predict the result.


He was a son of Yuanyi School's Leader; he had high talent in cultivation; he was a genius to enter into the Spiritual Road soon. However, his cultivation life ceased. He was destroyed by Ye Feng and lost the chance to walk on the Spiritual Road.


"I'm not resigned to the result! If we were not here, I could suppress you easily!" Qin Chuan exclaimed. His sights to Ye Feng were full of resentment.


"What the fuck! I must kill you!" Qin Yu put on a ferocious expression. He couldn't bear the result for he took charge of Qin Chuan's safety.


He jumped to the arena, held Qin Chuan up and controlled Qin Chuan's injuries by using magic power.


"You are doomed to die!" Qin Yu cast a cold glance on Ye Feng and froze his face.


Qin Chuan was in a terrible state. His abdomen had been broken, causing the magic power to escape to outside world. Qin Chuan couldn't continue the cultivation if he didn't acquire peerless panacea to heal his body.


"Really? I will kill you first!" Ye Feng released a cold smile and extended one hand, a plume of the Red Sky Plumes popping up and cutting to Qin Yu.


In the outside world, Qin Yu was able to easily defeat all people of Luoyun Sect in terms of his high cultivation level. However, Ye Feng was not worried at all, for they shared a same cultivation level on the arena. He had a great confidence in killing Qin Yu here.


"Ye Feng is too arrogant!" All spectators were shocked by Ye Feng's dauntless behavior.


He wanted to kill Qin Yu! Really amazing!


Qin Yu was a strong cultivator at the Hequan Realm. He had ever destroyed a mid-range sect by himself alone and nobody in Luoyun Sect could triumph over him.


However, Ye Feng had announced that he would kill Qin Yu and he had put into practice, which really astounded people.

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