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"What is this?" Horror flashed in Qin Chuan's eyes. The Fire Cloud of Ye Feng was amazing! It formed an enormous fire sea with the heat wave rolling. What a shocking scene! His Fire Thunder Chop was devoured by the Fire Cloud straight without any struggle.


"Strange skill!" Qin Yu opened his mouth and surprise appeared in his eyes. He could feel a kind of strange power in the Fire Cloud.


"His skill is just at the middle grade of Earth Level!" Jiang Tairan jeered at Qin Yu.


"Middle grade of Earth Level?!" Qin Yu's eyes became cruel. The Fire Cloud launched by Ye Feng couldn't be a skill of the middle grade of Earth Level. Otherwise, it was impossible for the Fire Cloud to destroy the Fire Thunder Chop in a moment.


Fire Thunder Chop was a skill of the top grade of Mysterious Level, while the Fire Cloud was a skill of the middle grade of Earth Level. The gap between the two skills was a big level!


Qin Yu suspected that the Fire Cloud of Ye Feng was likely to be a skill of King Level!


Thinking of that, Qin Yu's sights to Ye Feng got stern, for it was possible that Qin Chuan would lose to Ye Feng in the end.


"No matter what skill you have, you can't defeat me!" Qin Chuan roared and froze his eyes.


Clang! Clang! Clang!


18 beams of red lights gushed from Qin Chuan and ran to the sky, causing a bellow to echo in the vacant space.


These were 18 red plumes, covered by extensive lights and giving off terrifying power. With a feeling of an ancient beast, they were startled people.


"Red Sky Plumes! Unbelievable! Senior Qin brings this magic tool with him!"


Disciples of Yuanyi School cried out in surprise. These 18 red plumes came from an exceedingly mighty beast and had experienced the temper by the Elders of Yuanyi School for a long time. It was an important treasure of Yuanyi School!


"Ye Feng will fail." Qin Yu's tension was relieved. Qin Chuan released the 18 Red Sky Plumes together; Ye Feng was certain to die.


"Unexpectedly, Qin Chuan brings such an important treasure!" Jiang Tairan darkened his face. He knew the Red Sky Plumes; each of them boasted inconceivable power. They could penetrate gold and break stone!


18 plumes went together! This was a blind alley!


Qin Chuan wanted to kill Ye Feng on the arena.


"Shameless! How can he use a treasure to attack Ye Feng!" Jiang Sui got into fury. As an outer disciple of Luoyun Sect, Ye Feng had no treasure. Confronting the powerful Red Sky Plumes, what actions he could take to parry?


Clang! Clang! Clang!


18 Red Sky Plumes sparkled; each plume was like a bloody spear, releasing terrifying power.



Ye Feng opened his fist wide, and the divine image of White Tiger appeared with loud roaring. He punched a plume head-on.




As spark splashed, Ye Feng's fist, like a magic iron, hit with the plume.


All spectators were astonished. Ye Feng's physical body was too strong! He could directly meet the Red Sky Plumes! It was unbelievable!


"Is he a human being? He is really like a man-shape beast!"


"Red Sky Plumes is formidable, but he can parry it with his fists! Amazing!"


Disciples of Yuanyi School couldn't hold their shouts back, for they were actually amazed by Ye Feng.


"Back to you!" Ye Feng let out a laugh. With the gloss lighting up his skin, he seized a plume and threw it out to Qin Chuan.


"Impossible!" Qin Chuan's calmness disappeared completely. He couldn't believe the attack of the Red Sky Plumes was invalid and used by Ye Feng instead!

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