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As Qin Chuan's skin sparkled, he seemed very extraordinary with his good looking and elegant temperament. However, his sights to Ye Feng were extremely aloof, like seeing a dead person.


"You destroyed disciples of Yuanyi School, and now, you provoke me. Do you want to die?" Qin Chuan snorted, the rage emerging in his eyes.


"No!" Jiang Tairan, Founder of Luoyun Sect, changed his expression and strode towards the arena. Ye Feng had an unpredictable talent in cultivation; he was the hope of Luoyun Sect, so he couldn't be killed by Qin Chuan!


"Jiang Tairan, stay here." Qin Yu let out a cold smile and stopped Founder of Luoyun Sect directly.


"You!" Jiang Tairan froze his face. It was impossible for him to help Ye Feng for Qin Yu was here.


Standing on the arena, Ye Feng laughed grimly. He would not let Qin Chuan go easily.


"Now that you agree my challenge, you'd better not expect you can go down the arena without any injury." With the long hair dancing with wind, bright light gleamed in Ye Feng's eyes.


"Ridiculous! Why there are so many stupid people in Luoyun Sect?" Qin Chuan let out a laugh. It seemed that he didn't attach importance to Ye Feng.


He was going to the Spiritual Road soon, so the small potato like Ye Feng couldn't win him. As a sonorous sound echoed, Qin Chuan moved. As brilliant splendor curled around him, Qin Chuan generated energy in his hand and then released a palm attack to Ye Feng cross the air.


Ye Feng didn't show any fear; he just straight hit with Qin Chuan's assault by the Tiger Fist, which resulted in a huge concussion.




Both Qin Chuan and Ye Feng backed up; nobody took an advantage in this hitting.


"Is this why you behave arrogantly?" Qin Chuan didn't hide his scorn at all. He didn't launch the raid with all his strength, less than one third of his real strength.


"Just so so!" Ye Feng maintained his composure.


"Madcap!" Qin Chuan sneered. How could an important outer disciple of Luoyun Sect be on a par with him?




Qin Chuan attacked Ye Feng again. His hands were glittering like a jade, with the blue light gushing out, like flame and electricity.


This skill boasted mighty power; it must be a remarkably powerful!


"Fire Thunder Chop! Top grade of Mysterious Level!" Founder of Luoyun Sect hugely changed his expression and pointed out the skill directly.


In fact, he was astonished by Qin Chuan's skill. Yuanyi School was worthy of the fame - top sect in the northern area of North Domain in East Land. A random skill of Qin Chuan was at the top grade of Mysterious Level! In Luoyun Sect, the skills of Mysterious Level were scarce, not to mention the skills at the top grade of Mysterious Level.


"Ye Feng is doomed to die. Qin Chuan features a high talent in cultivation and owns many skills of Mysterious Level. I don't believe he can make a turnaround!" Qin Yu's indifferent sound resounded.


As a person who was going to the Spiritual Road soon, Qin Chuan not only performed very well in the talent, but also enjoyed the best skills of Yuanyi School.


"Ye Feng!" Jiang Shui blinked her big eyes, which were filled up with worries.




The blue light jumped and the thunder roared, rushing to Ye Feng.


"Fire Cloud!" Ye Feng added the power of the Divine Roc to the Fire Cloud. Immediately, a tremendous fire sea popped up and swallowed the assault by Qin Chuan in a wink.

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