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"Do you want to force us to cancel the engagement?" Founder of Luoyun Sect froze his eyes and trembled due to anger. He had never suffered such an insult before!


"Break off the engagement. Luoyun Sect is not like before. Continuing the marriage will make you more embarrassed." Qin Yu replied in an indifferent voice.


"Founder, agree them!" All Elders of Luoyun Sect persuaded. If they refused cancelling the engagement, their sect might be destroyed by Qin Yu.


Jiang Shui got close to Founder and stared at him, "Dad, please agree! I don't want to marry him!"


She was helpless for she had no choice for her marriage actually.


"As a sickly woman, you should estimate yourself reasonably. You're out of your league!" Qin Chuan again cast a disdainful glance on Jiang Shui.


A cultivator at the fourth level of Qi Condensation boasted a deficient body. Such a woman had no qualification to serve him even if as a maid, let alone as his wife.


"You!" Jiang Shui flushed for Qin Chuan's malicious words.


"Qin Chuan, this engagement was determined by your grandfather. At that time, Luoyun Sect was stronger than Yuanyi School. It's you out of your league!" Jiang Tairan, Founder of Luoyun Sect, refuted Qin Chuan.


"Bullshit! Luoyun Sect has declined! It's a fact! Yuanyi School can easily suppress Luoyun Sect now." Qin Chuan sneered.


"Jiang Tairan. Cancel the engagement now. It's your best choice." Qin Yu warned and released horrible energy to threaten Founder of Luoyun Sect.


"Hey! Rubbish! How dare you come here to break off the engagement?" A dismissive sound resounded. Ye Feng stood on the arena and his eyes full of fury, "Jiang Shui's way out of your league!"


No wonder Jiang Shui had been strange these days; she worried about her engagement with Qin Chuan! The more annoying thing was that Qin Chuan looked down upon Luoyun Sect, came here for cancelling the engagement and cursed Jiang Shui as a sickly woman!


"You…I won't get even with you. How dare you provoke me?" Qin Chuan's sights became extremely cold and his voice was also cool.


"Rubbish, fight against me, dare or not?" Ye Feng's face was filled up with scorn. He was clear about the gap in cultivation level between him and Qin Chuan. If not limited to the same cultivation level, he couldn't triumph over Qin Chuan.


"How arrogant! I'm gonna kill you at once!" Qin Chuan snorted. With brilliant luster coming out from his body, he strode a step and jumped to the arena.


"No! Ye Feng!" Jiang Shui roared, anxiety striking her.


As a son of Yuanyi School's Leader, Qin Chuan was utterly mighty. The common disciples of Yuanyi School couldn't be on a par with him. Even though his cultivation would be limited to the same level, he must be formidable, difficult to be vanquished.

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