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Qin Chuan's words startled nearly all disciples of Luoyun Sect.


Yuanyi School came here for breaking off the engagement!


They all knew the engagement between Jiang Shui and Qin Chuan, but they didn't imagine that Qin Chuan would break off the engagement when the marriage was coming soon. This brought terrible shame on Luoyun Sect.


"Hum. How ridiculous! A sickly woman wants to marry with me?" After Qin Chuan had arrived in Luoyun Sect, he knew why Jiang Shui had a low cultivation level. She owned an incomplete Taiyin Physique (a kind of special physique), hindering her in cultivation.


Among the surrounding disciples of Luoyun Sect, a girl trembled with tears dropping down from her face. She was Jiang Shui!


"It doesn't matter that you don't want to marry with me. But why you said these hurtful words?" Jiang Shui walked out and asked Qin Chuan in a sad voice.


Although she didn't want to marry Qin Chuan likewise, she didn't expect him to actively cancel the engagement and to behave so aggressively. He didn't care her prestige at all!


"You're not good enough for me!" Qin Chuan sat on the liger, looked at Jiang Shui and replied with an aloof expression.


"You!" Jiang Shui''s voice quivered. She couldn't stand any more, crying out loudly.


"Damn you! What do you think you are? How dare you come to Luoyun Sect to break off the engagement? You have no qualification to marry with Junior Sister!"


"Don't cry, Junior Sister! He is just a scumbag! It's so lucky that you don't marry him! Otherwise, you will regret all your life!"


All disciples of Luoyun Sect criticized Qin Chuan with excitement and tried to comfort Jiang Shui.


"Hum! Where your courage comes from? How dare you speak to Senior Qin like that?" Disciples of Yuanyi School snorted and gave off strong energy to frighten disciples of Luoyun Sect.


"Enough! I will not agree. Go. Don't come to Luoyun Sect again!" Founder of Luoyun Sect opened his mouth and froze his face.


"Heh! Do you think you say no and then I can't cancel the engagement?" Qin Chuan sneered.


Luoyun Sect had already declined. Now, several strong cultivators of Yuanyi School were able to destroy Luoyun Sect.


"Yuanyi School is really powerful. But don't forget, here is Luoyun Sect and you, just a person!" Founder of Luoyun Sect threatened Qin Chuan, his eyes sparkling.


"Do you want to attack me?" Qin Chuan jeered and clapped his hands. As the vacant space at a short distance exploded, a white-hair old man turned up.


"Qin Yu!" Seeing the old man, all Elders of Luoyun Sect changed their expressions greatly.


"He is at Hequan Realm! He ever destroyed a mid-range sect by himself!"


"Why does he come here?"


Elders of Luoyun Sect got nervous, for they were clear that nobody in Luoyun Sect could defeat Qin Yu.


The strongest cultivator of Luoyun Sect had reached Hequan Realm for a short time, but Qin Yu had already realized Hequan Realm. His current cultivation level must be higher than before.


"Qin Chuan, what do you mean?" Founder of Luoyun Sect darkened his face.


"I mean nothing. I just worry that Luoyun Sect won't agree to cancel the engagement, so I request Elder Qin Yu to accompany me." Qin Chuan kept his indifference.


Phfft! Qin Yu moved a step and appeared beside Qin Chuan. His terrifying energy left strong tension on people.


"Jiang Tairan, how are you?" Qin Yu gazed at Founder of Luoyun Sect, light gleaming in his eyes.

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