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Chapter  13   Back to Luoyun Sect


Multiple ranges of hills and chain of mountains with ancient forests, which was a advantageous and natural landscape.


Ye Feng shuttled through the mountains, with surprising agility,and he killed a large number of beasts, which had made a lot of experience.


However, as more and more beasts were killed by him, the experience values has became less and less.




Ye Feng's eyes blazed, and he punched a black ape that was like a small tower with splattering blood gore over the entire area.




"Congratulations on the host killing black stork, and gaining an experience values of 100. The current experience values of the host is 3400."


Only 100?


Ye Feng sighed. The beasts here are no longer useful to him. The experience values was too little.


Maybe the deeper mountain could had more experience values .


However, Ye Feng did not intend to go deep into the mountain.


He lived in Luoyun Sect for three years. He knows how terrible the deep of the mountain was. There was full with groups of savage beasts. Even if the most powerful elders at the Sect, he did not dare to go deep into the mountain.


"Well,forget it, and back to the Sect now first, the assessment of the outer disciple are going to start.It would better to think of other ways to gain the experience values after being promoted to be an outer disciple."


He has already been in this mountain for more than a month.


The cultivation had reached the realm of five-fold condensation and was likely to break through to the six-fold condensation realm at any time.


In this month, he also killed many beasts and gained many experience values.


Which helped him to raise the Dragon Style to the level six,and also opened the first level of cultivation of Divine Roc.


Overall, the gains were great. He was very satisfied with this achievement.


Ye Feng's body was bright and traversed between the mountains. It did not take much time to return to the area of Luoyun Sect.


Luoyun Sect was located in a towering mountain which was high into the sky,in where the mist wreathed, and cranes flied together, it's totally a scene of the "Abode of the Immortals"


With a loud bang, a rainbow emerged.Upon it,there was a young boy of beaming and buoyant in spirit with his hands on his back.By controlling the rainbow light, he entered the Luoyun Sect directly.


When he passed over Ye Feng, he glanced lightly at Ye Feng and then drew back his sight.


That attitude was contemptuous, seems like that nothing is worth to be noticed by him.And Ye Feng, only like the ant to him.


"Damn!One day, i will definitly defeat you down from sky!"


Ye Feng whispered, he knew who the young boy is.


He stayed in Luoyun Sect for three years and knews most of disciples.


The boy once was one of the factotum disciples like him, but now his identity was very different. The boy has already became a inner disciple of exalted rank!


Luoyun Sect was at the top of the mountain, and the factotum disciples were all at the foot of the mountain. They were not qualified to get into the Luoyun Sect.


At the foot of the mountain, there were so many buildings where the factotum disciples lived in.


"Senior brother Yun, you are awesome...!"


"He is really worthy of senior brother!Only three months,Senior brother Yun has already became a outer disciple. What a admirable talents!"


A group of factotum disciples came together to praise a young man.


The young man dressed in white with a delicate looking and a gentle smile, seems very approachable.


"The evaluation of the outer disciples is about to start. I come here to share with you guys my personal experience. I hope everyone can pass the evaluation smoothly and become a outer disciple."


The young man was very modest and smiled, which showed a very comfortable feeling to others.


"You are really wonderful.Even after becaming a outer disciple,you has not forgotten us. We really appreciate it."


"You may rest assured,and after we become outer disciples, we will never forget your great grace and help!"


All the factotum disciples were excited.It's their goal here to become an outer disciple of the Luoyun Sect.


Ye Feng looked the young man but did not go to listen to the his experience, and then went straight to his house.


He was now in the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation. It's not very difficult for him to become an outer disciple.Thus, he really didn't need to listen to the 'experience' as they talked about.


Moreover, he did not like that young man.


The boy named Xiao Yun,he looked very kind.


However in fact, he knew that Xiao Yun was extremely sophisticated and hard to read. When he was a factotum disciple, he always gave Ye Feng trouble.


Xiao Yun was explaining to other factotum disciples about his experience of becoming an outer disciple. Suddenly, he curled his lip with an unpleasant expression on his face.


"What happened? Senior brother Yun"


One of the factotum disciples noticed the expression on Xiao Yun's face. He looked in the direction of the eyes of Xiao Yun and saw that Ye Feng was walking forward.


Then, these factotum disciples understood why Xiao Yun was unhappy.


The dear Senior brother,Xiao Yun was selflessly explained his experience to them, but Ye Feng dare to ignored, which was really annoying.


"Hey, Ye Feng, what do you mean? Didn't you see Senior brother yun here?Come here quickly and say hello to him!"


A factotum disciple shouted at Ye Feng.


"I have no time."


Ye Feng ignored the disciple and walked directly toward his house.


"It doesn't matter. That's okay if he doesn't want to listen to the experience. After all,my cultivation is not high enough to him,it's reasonable that he didn't show his respect to me."


Xiao Yun shook his head and said it lightly.


"Ye Feng, get your ass over here. Senior brother Yun explain the experience for public benefits without nothing hidden. But you dare to not listen. Isn't that you think he is too kind to bully?"



A group of factotum disciples were angry and toward Ye Feng Wai.


"Hey, you guys do not disturb him..."


Xiao Yun pretended to stop these angered factotum disciples, but in the deep of his eyes,there was a sneer showed.


His had a amazing talent. Just three months, he had already became an outer disciple.


Even among the outer disciples, he was supereminence.Thus he was really angry about Ye Feng's ignoring.


In particular, Ye Feng was a well-known waste!


"Ye Feng, quickly rolled over and apologize to Senior brother Yun, otherwise maybe you want to be a cripple and we do love to help you to break your legs."


They surrounded Ye Feng and forced Ye Feng to apologize to Xiao Yun.


Xiao Yun looked quietly in the side with a imperception gloat in his eyes.


"Don't you hear what I said before? I told you that i have no time to listen some nonsense."


Ye Feng's eyes gradually cooled. These people bullied him always and they never regard him as same.


But this time, he would never backed down and suffered silence.


He needed let them understand that he was no longer the one that anyone could insulted before!


"Oh, it looks like you prefer to be a cripple!"


A factotum disciple sneered and squatted to Ye Feng.


With the eyes exposed the fierce lights, other factotum disciples also rushed to Ye Feng.

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