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"Who is he?" Wu De got confused for Ye Feng received so many supports.


"Senior Wu, he is Ye Feng…" An inner disciple told Wu De about Ye Feng's past.


"Okay. If you feel you can't win, don't force yourself to continue. Retreat yourself." Serious, Wu De peered at Ye Feng.


"Be at ease, Senior. I won't bring shame on Luoyun Sect!" Ye Feng moved towards the arena step by step with his eyes sparkling.


"How dare you?" Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and sneered.


"I can destroy you just by one finger." Ye Feng maintained his composure and let out aloof words.


Exclamations immediately overwhelmed the site, and disciples of Luoyun Sect burned up.


Previously, arrogant Lin Dong looked down upon them, but now, Ye Feng was haughtier than him, seeming like he was nobody in Ye Feng's eyes.


"Junior Ye, come on!"


"Revive Luoyun Sect and beat up Lin Dong!"


"They should prepare for being beaten up when they provoke Luoyun Sect!"


All disciples of Luoyun Sect, including some disciples of Kendo Inheritance, encouraged Ye Feng. At this moment, they forgot all grudges thanks to their common enemy - Yuanyi School!


On the arena, Lin Dong retained cold smiles, "Where your confidence comes from!"


"It doesn't matter. You only need to know I can destroy you just by one finger." Ye Feng still kept indifference.


"Idiot!" Lin Dong was indulged in rage and couldn't stand any more. He extended glittering hands, a broadsword made up of magic power popping up and cutting towards Ye Feng.


"I hope you'll not be killed by this attack." Lin Dong raised corner of his lips with scorn. This raid consisted of all his power, so it would be exceedingly stronger than before.




The brilliant broadsword was remarkably formidable, resulting in explosion and shaking of the vacant space. What an astonishing scene!


"Ye Feng, get back at once!" Wu De roared in anxiety.


This assault even frightened him. It was impossible for Ye Feng to parry in terms of Ye Feng's current strength.


Wu De worried that there would be a same tragedy as before; with horrific splendor curling around him, Wu De strode forward and wanted to save Ye Feng.


However, he had lifted his leg just now and dropped instantly.


"How could it be possible?" Wu De cast an inconceivable glance on Ye Feng, his eyes full of amazement.


Ye Feng stood straightly on the arena without any wound. The broadsword launched by Lin Dong directly burst apart and its magic light scattered around the ground; it even didn't touch Ye Feng's clothes.


Lin Dong went down on his knees heavily. A big horrible hole emerged on his abdomen with blood flowing out.


"I can't believe it!" Lin Dong was not reconciled to the result. How could he believe he failed to Ye Feng?


"I said I will destroy you just by one finger. Now, I have done." Ye Feng stood on the arena with calmness, giving off extraordinary temperament.


Before Lin Dong's broadsword had touched him, he had stretched one finger, with Yuxu Skill running to the highest level, to smash the broadsword and penetrate into Lin Dong's abdomen.


It didn't matter Lin Dong's abdomen had been cut through, but the part of abdomen that could store magic power had been also broken by Ye Feng. This meant Lin Dong would lose the cultivation ability and become a cultivation idiot.

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