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"Junior Ye, good job!"


"How dare they still despise our Luoyun Sect? Lin Dong sneered we were rubbish just now, but he becomes real rubbish currently. I'm wondering his thoughts."


Disciples of Luoyun Sect got surprised at first, and then drastic hurrah overwhelmed them.


"Ye Feng, fuck you!" Liu Fei jumped to the arena directly, helped Lin Dong quell injuries with his magic power and took Lin Dong to a place below the arena.


"Take care of him!" Liu Fei reminded Qiu Ying and returned to the arena with frozen sights.


"How dare you destroy Yuanyi School's disciple?" Liu Fei let out a cold roaring, his face filled up with irrepressible fury.


"He seeks his own downfall. You shouldn't blame others." No mood swing could be found on Ye Feng's face; he seemed very peaceful.


But behind his calm appearance was huge frenzy.


"You destroyd Lin Dong. I will use your life to pay back!" Liu Fei snorted. As the ferocity appeared in his eyes, he released limitless homicidal intent.


Although there was Luoyun Sect, he believed Luoyun Sect would not break with Yuanyi School just because he killed an outer disciple.


"Destroy you by one finger!" Ye Feng sneered with simple words.


"Madcap!" Liu Fei whooped. He jumped up and punched toward Ye Feng, his fists shimmering with bloodcurdling power.


"Ye Feng, be careful!" All disciples of Luoyun Sect got anxious.


There was no doubt that Liu Fei was a mighty people. Last time when he had come to Luoyun Sect, he had consecutively defeated over 10 seniors on the Qingyun List, utterly easy.


"Senior Liu, kill him!" Under the arena, Lin Dong gritted his teeth, his face being very pale. Though the big hole on his abdomen stopped bleeding and injuries were controlled, he was clear that his cultivation road was ruined and he couldn't continue cultivation all his next life.




Liu Fei's fists were awfully terrifying, coming like a magic mountain and causing rolling to resound in the vacant space.


In the meantime, appalling electric radiance turned up around his fists.


This was a greatly powerful fist skill, whose grade exceeded the Earth Level. It was a skill of the Mysterious Level! He was really angry, so he wanted to kill Ye Feng by this strong skill.


Ye Feng was still calm. When Liu Fei almost put the fists on him, he slowly stretched one finger and pointed to Liu Fei.


"Do you really want to use a finger to destroy me? Who do you think you are?" Liu Fei laughed with contempt. He generated magic power, which was added to his fists, and punched toward Ye Feng.


The smile on his face became brighter and brighter, for he seemed to see the scene that Ye Feng was killed by his fist.


However, at the next moment, his smile froze and an inconceivable expression emerged on his face.


"You!" Liu Fei lowered his head and gazed at his abdomen, on which a big hole turned up with blood flowing out.


He was destroyd! With his magic power back to the outside world, he became an ordinary person who couldn't cultivate methods.


"I'm gonna kill you!" Liu Fei getting into fury and releasing immense homicidal intent, he again launched a raid to Ye Feng.


However, he fell down on the ground heavily after two steps.


"Liu Fei!" Qiu Ying exclaimed, her beautiful eyes full of scare.

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