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"Haha, no wonder you will fail. Why do you scramble for death? It's really amusing!" Lin Dong didn't stop laughing, "Why do you want to release your anger to me? I didn't kill him! He poured his vital energy into his magic tool, so he died. His death has no relation with me! It's him killing himself!"


"Get back!" Wu De howled, calmness vanishing from his face.


He was utterly depressed. He didn't expect disciples of Yuanyi School to be formidable like that - they could easily vanquish disciples of Luoyun Sect even limited to the same cultivation level.


He couldn't help blaming himself for his previous words. If he knew what would happen, he would not encourage outer disciples to stand on the arena; instead, he would call for disciples on the Qingyun List to fight.


"Let me on!" Wu De roared with excitement. He had regretted for the past, so he would not allow himself to regret again.


Besides, Lin Dong was so strong that outer disciples of Luoyun Sect couldn't defeat him.


"Haha, why not maintain your arrogance? You said your outer disciples can win us. Don't you believe them? I heard you rank second on the Qingyun List. Do you want to fight against me now?" Lin Dong sneered at Wu De with smile.


"I will disable you!" Wu De's eyes were filled up with anger. He neglected his previous words. The only thing he wanted to do was to jump to the arena and beat Lin Dong to a crippled man.


"Damn second ranking on the Qingyun List! You will lose to me." Lin Dong was awfully haughty. As a core disciple of Yuanyi School, he could use any cultivation resource, including high-grade methods and skills, so he had a strong confidence in defeating a disciple of downfallen Luoyun Sect.


"It's ridiculous! Your words like a fart." Liu Fei jeered.


"So what? Today, I must disable you!" Wu De got into rage, striding towards the arena.


At this time, a sound came out from the crowds.


"Senior Wu, please let me battle. Dealing with rubbish like them, I'm enough." Ye Feng appeared with aloof light flashing in his eyes. It seemed that he was infuriated by disciples of Yuanyi School.


At first, he had stayed in Yuxu Inheritance Mountain for cultivation. He worried about Jiang Shui, so he had come here finally.


However, when he had arrived, he had witnessed the scene that the outer disciple had fought with life.


This ignited his fury!


"Rubbish?" Rage appeared in Lin Dong's eyes, "If you dare to stand on the arena, I will make you real rubbish!"


"Junior, please hold back your impulse! Let me on. I don't want to see any disciple of Luoyun Sect suffering an accident before me again." Wu De persuaded Ye Feng with seriousness. He had gone out for studying and returned to the sect just now, so he didn't know Ye Feng.


"Ye Feng!"


"If it's Ye Feng, he must triumph over Lin Dong!"


Excitement overwhelmed the crowds.


They had seen Ye Feng's mighty strength. He could be regarded as the strongest one in outer disciples of Luoyun Sect. Nobody could vanquish him at the same cultivation level.


"How declining Luoyun Sect is!" Liu Fei judged out that Ye Feng was at the Qi Condensation just by one sight. He shook his head and sneered.

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