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"Don't be insolent! You will lose to us later…" Wu De replied with ridicule.


He turned to disciples of Luoyun Sect and put on a dignified expression, "I try to narrow the gap between us and Yuanyi School. Now supported by the arena matrix lines, we will battle with them at the same cultivation level. We can't lose!"


"By the way, they are utterly arrogant this time, so we should heavily crack down their arrogance. Only outer disciples can fight with them; inner disciples and real disciples would better not challenge them!"


"We should defeat them from momentum!" Wu De warned in a low voice.


In fact, it could be regarded as a complete defiance if Luoyun Sect sent only outer disciples to fight against core disciples of Yuanyi School.


"You are strong and are core disciples of Yuanyi School, but in our Luoyun Sect, our lowest-level outer disciples can triumph over all of you. Can you still maintain your pride?" This was what Wu De wanted to convey to people - to suppress Yuanyi School from spirit!


"Okay. I want to be the first one. I don't believe I will lose to them when we are at the same cultivation level!" An outer disciple of Luoyun Sect walked out and jumped up to the arena with doom in his eye. He was mighty, ranking top 20 in the inheritance competition among outer disciples.


When the outer disciple stood on the arena, several ancient symbols suddenly appeared on the light curtain around the arena. Immediately, light shimmered on the disciple of Yuanyi School, and then his cultivation level dropped to the same realm with the outer disciple of Luoyun Sect.


"Rubbish is always rubbish! Though we are at the same cultivation level, you are still vulnerable." Lin Dong sneered at the outer disciple of Luoyun Sect with a haughty attitude.


"I must conquer you!" The outer disciple of Luoyun Sect flushed with anger. As the magic strength ran in his body, he launched a raid to Lin Dong with a powerful skill.


"Ridiculous!" Lin Dong raised his lips with contempt. A beam of magic light appeared and turned to be a magic blade when he pinched air with his hands. The blade destroyed the outer disciple's skill, making the disciple fly out and roll down from the arena. The outer disciple spat out blood, incarnadining the ground.


All disciples of Luoyun Sect breathed in a gasp and looked at Lin Dong with astonishment.


How formidable he was! His strength greatly exceeded their expectations.


The two were at the same cultivation level, but Lin Dong vanquished the outer disciple just by one simple attack. What a powerful man!


"Em, he is really your outer disciple! The 'king' of rubbish!" Lin Dong let out a laugh and jeered at Luoyun Sect.


"Go! Ask people on the Qingyun List for help. It's so easy to defeat you, I even feel a little boring!"


Disciples of Yuanyi School roared with laughter.


How stupid Luoyun Sect was! They expected their weak outer disciples to defeat them!


What should they do later?


They said it doesn't need people on the Qingyun List to fight. Therefore, if they dispatched people on the Qingyun List to stand on the arena, they would be a joke.


"But even if they come here, the result will not be changed. They are doomed to lose to our disciples!" Lin Dong put his hands behind and stood on the arena, full of arrogance.

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