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"Fuck! I can't stand any more! I will defeat you!" Another outer disciple of Luoyun Sect fell into fury and jumped to the arena directly.


"One attack is enough." Lin Dong gazed at the disciple with pride.


"Damn you!" The outer disciple let out an angry roaring, and generated energy to attack Lin Dong, like a tiger dashing down a mountain.


"Fuck off!" Lin Dong retained his composure and waved hands, shooting out magic lights, which transformed into magic swords and fast ran towards the outer disciple.


Poof! The outer disciple spat out much blood; his arms and legs were hurt by those magic swords, resulting in bleeding continuously.


"Sorry. I don't know you are extremely weak. You're almost killed by me." Lin Dong laughed.


"What the fuck!" An outer disciple couldn't help but appear on the arena. He moved the injured disciple to under the arena and got back to fight against Lin Dong.


"I'll try to beat you!" He decided to battle with Lin Dong at the cost of his life; he must triumph over Lin Dong even if he would die.


Boom! With his unswerving sights, the disciple summoned his magic tool and injected his vital energy into the tool!


"No!" Disciples of Luoyun Sect under the arena exclaimed with their eyes becoming red.


They felt the outer disciple's vital energy crazily flowing into his magic tool, which could enhance the power of magic tool for several times.


But it had a very terrible result. The magic tool would absorb plenty of vital energy and hurt the disciple's life source, which might cause him to die.


"Hold your horses!" Many disciples of Luoyun Sect flocked to the arena and wanted to stop him.


However, it was too late. As the magic tool in the outer disciple's hands sparkled, the disciple's face got pale.


"It's my duty to preserve Luoyun Sect's dignity. I have nothing to regret even if I die." With the shout of the outer disciple, his magic tool became exceedingly brilliant. The sound of tremor resounding, then the magic tool shook off his hands and rushed to Lin Dong.


The fluctuation caused by the magic tool was remarkably terrifying, seeming to be a magic mountain, giving off widespread splendor.


"Silly man!" Lin Dong derided the disciple, "Rubbish is always rubbish. Even though you pay your life to challenge me, you're still rubbish."


His body didn't move at all based on his mighty strength. He extended his hands, glittering as a jade, and a resplendent magic sword turned up.


Boom! The magic sword was powerful and straightly divided the magic tool into two parts.


"I can't reconcile myself!" The outer disciple dropped down to the ground; he died with his face full of resentment.


"Lin Dong! I will kill you!" Under the arena, all disciples of Luoyun Sect whooped in rage.


"So what? Do you want to combat with me together? Okay! All you guys are rubbish. I'm not afraid even if meeting 10,000 people like you." Lin Dong let out a rampant laugh, showing he didn't feel sad for the death of the disciple.


"I'm going to beat him!"


"Let me on! I will kill the son of bitch!"


All disciples of Luoyun Sect became thrilled, scrambling to stand on the arena and revenge for the departed outer disciple.

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