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"Senior, I want to give a lesson to these hateful disciples of Luoyun Sect at first." The young woman of Yuanyi School was aloof. In fact, she got into rage for Wu De's words, so she wanted to release her anger by beating disciples of Luoyun Sect.


"It's no use to play petty tricks! Rubbish is always rubbish. Even though we share a same cultivation level, it's still impossible for your disciples to win." Liu Fei sneered. He was smart enough to understand Wu De's plan.


"You guys? I don't want to despise you, but you are weak! You can't defeat our outer disciples!" Wu De's lips parted, letting out insolent and bossy words. He was more arrogant than the disciples of Yuanyi School.


"Let's go to the arena!" The young woman of Yuanyi School fell into fury and wanted to tear up Wu De's mouth.


She was named Qiu Ying. Based on her excellent talent, she became a top disciple of Yuanyi School. But in small Luoyun Sect, she had been teased many times, which made her stamp with fury.


"We will disable you today!" Liu Fei sneered and was ready for teaching these madcap disciples of Luoyun Sect a heavy lesson.


He and his partners were outstanding in disciples of Yuanyi School, but here, they had been taunted by Wu De several times. He couldn't hold back his anger.


"You are just disciples of a downfallen, small sect. How dare you provoke us? Later, when we stand on the arena, we can triumph over you mere by a finger."


"I remembered you have a Qingyun List and people on the list are your strongest disciples. Call them out at once. Otherwise, you guys are not enough for us." A disciple of Yuanyi School jeered with scorn.


Yuanyi School was one of the most powerful sects in the northern area of North Domain in East Land. Compared with Luoyun Sect, their school was several times stronger. They owned more cultivation methods, skills and resources than disciples of Luoyun Sect. Therefore, even if their cultivation level was suppressed to the same realm of disciples of Luoyun Sect, they would still have confidence in overcoming disciples of Luoyun Sect easily.


"It doesn't need our seniors on the Qingyun List to fight. You're so weak! Our outer disciples can defeat all you guys." Wu De let out a disdainful laughter.


What an obvious humiliation!


They enjoyed a high status in Yuanyi School, belonging to the core disciples. But when in Luoyun Sect, Wu De said the outer disciples of Luoyun Sect could triumph over them! This was really a big insult!


"Stop boasting! I expect your outer disciples to win us…" Liu Fei let out a cold smile and cast a disdainful glimpse on Wu De.


Soon, they arrived at the arena, which was extremely large with faint light dazzling around it. It was obvious that the arena was supported by the strength of matrix lines.


"Senior Sister Qiu Ying, I can't stand any more. Please allow me to start a fight!" A young man in green jumped to the arena directly.


He was tall and thin, with handsome face, graceful long hair and elegant temperament. He must be an uncommon man!


"Lin Dong, you promise me that after several combats, you will leave the arena and let me fight!" Qiu Ying had to wait below the arena.


"Okay, senior sister!" Lin Dong grinned, threw out a glance to disciples of Luoyun Sect and roared, "Hey! Rubbish! Who want to fight with me at first?"


He was exceedingly flippant and impudent for he called disciples of Luoyun Sect "rubbish"; he didn't care the dignity of Luoyun Sect at all.

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