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Coming events cast their shadows before them. In the recent days, the rainbow bridges continuously appeared in the air. Many disciples, who had gone out for studying, were back to Luoyun Sect.


"We can't be humiliated by Yuanyi School this time!"


"Our powerful senior brothers and sisters have gotten back. I believe they will give a heavy lesson to those arrogant disciples of Yuanyi School."


A lot of disciples of Luoyun Sect were indulged in discussions with excitement. How detestable Yuanyi School was! Almost every time, their disciples would shame disciples of Luoyun Sect before they left.


"But can we win?" An inner disciple asked in a quivering voice. He had met disciples of Yuanyi School when they had been in Luoyun Sect last time. It was the biggest disgrace in his life! He had never gotten into fury like that!


"Yeah…Can we win?" Plenty of disciples darkened their faces. Disciples of Yuanyi School posted far more powerful strength than disciples of Luoyun Sect. Even if the senior brothers who had gone out for studying were back, it was still difficult for them to defeat disciples of Yuanyi School.


"It will be fine if Lin Xi is in Luoyun Sect…" Lin Xi's talent in cultivation greatly surpassed all disciples of Luoyun Sect, and her cultivation level even exceeded many older Elders. If she didn't go to the Spiritual Road, she could triumph over disciples of Yuanyi School no matter how strong they were. But it was unfortunate. Lin Xi left Luoyun Sect and had entered into the Spiritual Road.


On a cloud-kissing mountain in Luoyun Sect, there stood a magnificent palace.


"They come so fast…" A mid-age man let out a sigh. Yuanyi School came so quickly that his original plan was broken. This mid-age man was Founder of Luoyun Sect.


"Founder, Yuanyi School comes here must for the engagement. What do you plan to do?" Elder Fu crinkled his face with worries.


"What can I do except implementing the engagement?" Luoyun Sect Founder was also helpless. Up to now, he could do nothing.


On another scenic mountain, Jiang Shui stood before a clean stream. Her white, lovely face was glooming.


"Will I get married with him?" Jiang Shui murmured with her long eyelashes shaking and tears rolling in her eyes.


"I don't want to marry! I'm 13 years old now. My cultivation road has not started yet and I have not experienced my best time. How can I marry with a stranger? I'm unwilling!" Jiang Shui roared, which frightened the spiritual fishes in the stream and made them move at once.


During the discussion in Luoyun Sect, people of Yuanyi School arrived at the foot of the mountain, in which Luoyun Sect had been located.


"We again visit here…I had an interesting experience here last time." An extraordinary young man, sitting on a gleaming unicorn horse, opened his mouth with smile.


"Hum! How can you say that? It is your entire fault. I had no change to combat in Luoyun Sect last time. You overcame all of them!" A young woman pouted to show her discontent.


"Okay…This time, you challenge them first. Those disciples of Luoyun Sect are too weak. I have no interest in fighting with them."


"How ridiculous! A downfallen sect wants to play up to our Yuanyi School through marriage." Qin Chuan sat on a liger that was covered by flame and threw out a disdainful glance to Luoyun Sect.

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