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"Yuanyi School has arrived." This news caused a complete stir in Luoyun Sect and many disciples flocked to the mountain entrance.


Phfft! Phfft! Phfft!


As rainbow bridges appeared in the air continuously, Elders of Luoyun Sect landed at the entrance, their faces full of smiles.


"It's our Luoyun Sect's honor to welcome you!" Founder of Luoyun Sect turned up and headed towards Qin Chuan and his partners with a loud laughter.


Qin Chuan maintained his cold sights and didn't respond to Founder's enthusiastic reception. Behind him, those young men and women sat on the supernatural animals with haughty expressions, showing their scorns to Luoyun Sect.


"Please get in." Founder kept a smile, but a kind of hidden resentment flashed in his eyes.


Who was him?


Founder of Luoyun Sect! A leader!


He welcomed them with passion, but they treated him coldly. This was really annoying!


"How dare they look down upon our Founder?" Disciples of Luoyun Sect here cast an angry glance on Qin Chuan and his partners.


Not only those disciples, but also some Elders couldn't hold back their fury.


"What do they think they are? Just disciples of Yuanyi School! They should bow to our Founder with respect!"


"Hum! Even if their Leader meets our Founder, he will behave politely."


"How low-bred they are!"


Plenty of disciples of Luoyun Sect couldn't help but let out their condemnations for they were really annoyed by Yuanyi School.


Qin Chuan threw out an indifferent glimpse to disciples of Luoyun Sect and turned to his partners, "You stay here. I have something to discuss."


He still rode on the liger and forged it to head toward, acting recklessly and caring for nobody.


This was extremely disrespectful!


Founder of Luoyun Sect stood beside Qin Chuan and waited, while he sat on the liger. What an insolent guy! He completely showed his disdain.


Qin Chuan was on the liger while Founder walked on his side. This scene seemed like Qin Chuan was a big shot, but Founder was his servant.


"Fuck him!"


All disciples of Luoyun Sect here flushed with anger and even desired to beat Qin Chuan heavily.


"So what? Are you angry? If you have strong strength, you can also go to our Yuanyi School and behave like this!" The young man seating on a unicorn horse sneered with contempt.


"Liu Fei, notice your words. Don't behave so rampantly." A disciple of Luoyun Sect walked out of the crowds and coldly peered at the young man.


"Wow! It's you! A useless man! You even can't parry my one attack! Fuck off!" Liu Fei let out a loud laughter, filled up with scorn.


"You!" The disciple couldn't refute Liu Fei even though he was in rage.


Last time, Liu Fei also had visited Luoyun Sect. He was so mighty that many disciples on the Qingyun List had been defeated by him. Finally, he had almost triumphed over all disciples in Luoyun Sect.


It had been five years from then on. Current Liu Fei must be more powerful than before.

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