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As the banquet came to a perfect close, disciples said goodbye to Jiang Shui and left.


"Junior sister, whenever you need help, please let me know." Li Yishui advised Jiang Shui seriously before leaving. He knew his junior sister didn't want to marry with the son of Yuanyi School's Leader, but he was not strong enough to hold back the marriage.


"Junior sister, if the marriage is out of control, you can come to my family." Jiu Yan considered for a while and said these words, then leaving here.


Li Yishui and Jiu Yan were clear about the affair between Jiang Shui and Yuanyi School, but they had no strength to stop the marriage. But Jiu Yan's words were meaningful. Was Family Jiu stronger than Luoyun Sect? So it could fight against Yuanyi School?


"What happened?" Ye Feng frowned. Based on their words, he could guess out something must occur between Jiang Shui and Yuanyi School.


"Nothing…" Jiang Shui released a sigh, her face full of worries, not outgoing as before. She wanted to tell Ye Feng her trouble, but she knew he could do nothing though he knew what happened. Yuanyi School was the top sect in the northern area of North Domain in East Land, while Ye Feng was just an outer disciple of Luoyun Sect. How could he withstand Yuanyi School? Even though she told Ye Feng her anguish, he could do nothing but worry about her.


"No matter what will happen, I will always support you!" Light shimmered in Ye Feng's eyes. Jiang Shui was his first friend in Luoyun Sect, and they had fought side by side in the mountain. Therefore, he couldn't stand by.


"Thank you, Ye Feng." Jiang Shui replied with gratitude, but she didn't tell Ye Feng the affair between her and Yuanyi School finally.


"I'm going." Ye Feng let out a sigh. He knew Jiang Shui didn't want him to be hurt due to her affair so she hid the fact. He gave up asking and bid farewell to Jiang Shui.


"Qin Chuan, even though you're from Yuanyi School, I will never meet your demand." Jiang Shui's eyes shot out two beams of firm and persistent light.


Getting down from the mountain, Ye Feng kept a stern expression. What happened to Jiang Shui? As Founder's favorite daughter, she couldn't solve the problem, so this must be a serious affair and he had no strength to stop.


"No matter what will happen, I can't stand Jiang Shui to be hurt!" Ye Feng froze his eyes. Although he knew he was not mighty enough, he never allowed himself to stand by and see his friend suffering injuries.


Ye Feng visited Yurou rather than got back to Yuxu Inheritance Mountain directly. Yurou recovered fast; the whip wounds on her skin had vanished completely. Based on the current healing speed, she would be healthy as before soon if she had a good rest for some time.


"Hongling, don't play tricks. Take good care of Yurou. If I heard any dissatisfaction from her, I will punish you!" Ye Feng warned Hongling.


"I will look after Miss Yurou well!" Hongling declared her attitude immediately, because she was really afraid that Ye Feng would whip her as the last time.


Qu Linyin also accompanied Yurou. Ye Feng chatted with them for a while and then left.

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