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"Ye Feng is right. All outer disciples can challenge him, but you guys…You're inner disciples and real disciples. You'd better keep silence; otherwise, you will be jeered." Jiu Yan stood out with light smile. She was really beautiful and elegant. She was nice hour-glass built with black hair, snow-white skin and red lip.


"This is the site for banquet, not for fighting. It doesn't matter you don't want to be reconciled with Ye Feng. But he is my friend! I won't stop outer disciples battling with him, but if I know inner disciple or real disciple attacks him, I won't forgive the one." Jiang Shui froze her face and warned people seriously.


"I believe our Kendo Inheritance will not do that thing!" Li Yishui also stood up and walked to the center. With his white clothes blowing in the breeze, he seemed extremely graceful, like an immortal.


Hearing Li Yishui's words, disciples of Kendo Inheritance again changed their expressions. Li Yishui enjoyed a high fame in Kendo Inheritance; now that he opened his mouth, the bullying might disappear.


"You're so lucky!" Ning Chujiu gritted her teeth and gave a resentful glimpse to Ye Feng.


Wang Zhen was also unwilling with the result, because he wanted to take this opportunity to degrade Ye Feng. However, Jiang Shui and Li Yishui spoke up for Ye Feng, causing he had to give up his plan. But he would not let Ye Feng off easily. He would wait for the appropriate timing and punish Ye Feng at that time. He must let Ye Feng realize Kendo Inheritance and Phoenix Lin Xi couldn't be humiliated.


The unhappiest disciple here was not the one coming from Kendo Inheritance, but Phoenix Lin Xi's maid, Bai Jie.


"Heh, you will not be always fortunate…" Bai Jie sneered. Ye Feng rose so fast. If no one suppressed him, he might catch up with her miss.


"Ye Feng really proves himself! Except disciples on the Qingyun List, no disciples in Luoyun Sect can defeat him!"


"Disciples on the Qingyun List aren't always stronger than Ye Feng …I believe soon, Ye Feng will triumph over most disciples on the List…"


A lot of disciples sighed with emotion.


"Let it go! Today, we gathering here is mainly to celebrate Ye Feng's first prize in the inheritance competition among outer disciples. Now, it's time to begin our banquet!"


As the banquet started, disciples here gradually chatted with each other and drank wines with pleasure. However, some disciples were in a bad mood and didn't want to enjoy the banquet; most of them came from Kendo Inheritance.


"Junior Ye, cheers!" Li Yishui took his cup to clink with Ye Feng's cup.


"Okay." Ye Feng agreed with smile.


"Real combat is coming! We'd better avoid internal battle…" These words came out from Li Yishui's mouth in a sudden.


Ye Feng got confused because he couldn't understand Li Yishui.


Beside him, Jiang Shui ceased laughing at once and let out a heavy sigh.


On a broad road in the northern area of North Domain in East Land, more than 10 strange beasts turned up. Above these beasts were handsome men and lovely women; all were young and extraordinary.


"Senior Qin Chuan, should we do that?" A young man frowned.


"I heard Jiang Shui, the girl I should marry, is at fourth layer Qi Condensation. Why do I get married with a weak girl? In the northern area, only Phoenix Lin Xi has the qualification to be my wife!" Qin Chuan answered with his sparkling eyes.


These young people came from Yuanyi School and were going to Luoyun Sect.

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