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Ye Feng's words caused a stir among disciples here. The crowds included inner disciples, talented disciples on the Qingyun List and Elders' real disciples.


Real disciples enjoyed the highest status among all disciples. Luoyun Sect paid much attention to them, so they could use the cultivation resources at any time. They were the most important disciples for Luoyun Sect and represented the sect's future.


However, there was a special person, who didn't stay in six Inheritances for cultivation nor need to follow an Elder. The person enjoyed a higher status than all other disciples, even than some Elders. This person was Lin Xi, Phoenix Lin Xi!


"How brilliant Phoenix Lin Xi is! We can't find a person in Luoyun Sect who can compete with her. Even in the whole northern area, there are few people on a par with Lin Xi."


"Bullshit! How many people can enter into the Spiritual Road in the northern area? Several!"


"Spiritual Road is so important! Countless people try to join, but finally, only actually talented people can step on the Spiritual Road. All of them boast unrivaled talent in cultivation."


"If someone can pass the test of the Spiritual Road, the one can go to Saint School for cultivation. It's Saint School! The biggest cultivation holy land of North Domain in East Land! Each of its Elders is a magnate!"


"Lin Xi has entered into the Spiritual Road. I believe soon, her news will come…"


Ye Feng's dauntless words reminded disciples here and made them discuss excellent Lin Xi.


"Ye Feng, I've had enough of you! You are not allowed to humiliate Lin Xi." Wang Zhen got into fury. An outer disciple, who even had a lower status than him, insulted Lin Xi in the public. How could he stand that?


At this time, all disciples of Kendo Inheritance stood up and gazed at Ye Feng with hostility.


"Do you want to attack me together?" Ye Feng shook his head and threw out a disdainful glance to these disciples one by one. "You really surprise me. Some of you are inner disciples, and some are Elders' real disciples. Now, you want to fight with me together. Don't you feel shameful?"


Ye Feng maintain his composure and slowly stood up to walk to the center of banquet site. With his clothes dancing in wind and bright light shimmering in his eyes, he added, "I accept everyone's challenge, only you are at the same cultivation level with me." Ye Feng's arrogant voice reached into people's ears. He stood up straight with sparkling gloss curling around his body, giving off a sense of invincibility. This was his confidence! He could triumph over everyone at the same cultivation level with him.


The disciples of Kendo Inheritance around Ye Feng darkened their eyes at once. Ye Feng was right. Each of them was inner disciple and had a higher cultivation level than Ye Feng, especially disciples like Wang Zhen and Ning Chujiu - they were selected in the Qingyun List. It was indecent for them to challenge an outer disciple.


"Among outer disciples, who can win Ye Feng?"


The disciples of Kendo Inheritance became disappointed for they couldn't find an outer disciple who could overcome Ye Feng. Actually, Ye Feng featured stronger fighting strength than most inner disciples. This was amazing! Ye Feng had been promoted to an outer disciple for a short time, but he was unbeatable among outer disciples.


Wang Zhen, Ning Chujiu and Shi Feng darkened their faces. All of them were Elders' real disciples, the most important disciples of Luoyun Sect, but they teamed to crack down an outer disciple. This brought shame on them.

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