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Jiang Shui raised her eyebrow in surprise for she didn't expect this scene to occur. Previously, disciples of Kendo Inheritance had promised that they would be reconciled with Ye Feng, so she had invited them to the banquet. However, they became utterly aggressive and didn't show any sign of reconciliation.


"Ye Feng, you'd better make an apology. Now that you were called 'rubbish' in the past three years, you should have apologized many times." Bai Jie sneered at Ye Feng without any fear. Only she dared to say these words before Jiang Shui. Although other people hated Ye Feng, they couldn't neglect Jiang Shui.


"I only remember I helped a 'dog', as cruel as a wolf!" Ye Feng let out a cold laugh. The "dog" he said was Phoenix Lin Xi. Other people didn't get his meaning, but Bai Jie knew that. Her expression changed at once.


"Ye Feng, damn you!" Bai Jie roared with anger and stood up immediately.


"Why are you so angry? I didn't say you are that 'dog'! Let me see, you are not that dog but you get annoyed for the address. So this 'dog' must have a close relationship with you. Do you think I'm talking about your master, Lin Xi?" Ye Feng asked in a low voice.


"Fuck you!" Bai Jie scowled at Ye Feng and didn't reply his question. In fact, she and Ye Feng knew the 'dog' was Lin Xi.


Quite a few disciples gazed at Ye Feng with astonishment.


Who was Lin Xi? A talented cultivator enjoyed the honorable nickname "Phoenix". She was one of the most respected people in Luoyun Sect; nobody could humiliate her! However, Ye Feng compared her with a dog! What an intolerable insult!


"Ye Feng, please don't make jokes." Jiang Shui was also astounded. Though she was Founder's favorite daughter, she didn't dare to provoke Lin Xi.


Lin Xi really had an extraordinary talent in cultivation. It was said that her cultivation level had surpassed some Elders' even if she had begun cultivating not so long.


"Ye Feng, how dare you slander Phoenix Lin Xi?" Wang Zhen darkened his face. As one of wooers of Lin Xi, though Lin Xi had never talked a word to him, he still thought her was the fairy of paradise and never allowed others to offend her.


Li Yishui and Jiu Yan also cast an amazed glance on Ye Feng. They thought Ye Feng was so arrogant, for he didn't care Lin Xi.


"Heh, what's wrong with Lin Xi? Why cannot say her name?" Ye Feng jeered, ignored these people's opinions and exclaimed, "If I say the 'dog' is Lin Xi, what you can do?"


As noises rose from crowds instantly, all people here looked at Ye Feng in surprise. They had thought Ye Feng was imperious but still had a sense of propriety. However, his action just now showed that they were wrong. Ye Feng was unbridled; he even insulted Lin Xi in the public.


"Ye Feng, I think you are a 'dog'! A crazy dog! Attacking people no matter who the man is!" Bai Jie trembled for fury and swore Ye Feng directly.


"Don't pretend before me. You and I know the truth." Ye Feng peered at Bai Jie with light gleaming in his eyes.

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