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"She did nothing wrong, except meeting you!" Hongling said in a cold voice. She hated Ye Feng not only based on her own reason, but also for Mu Chen. Her boyfriend had been high-spirited, vigorous and proud previously. However, he changed completely after losing to Ye Feng in the inheritance competition among outer disciples. His eyes were hollow without any light. He fell into a decadent condition, seeming to lose previous energy. That failure ruined Mu Chen's cultivation conviction, so it was difficult for him to bestir himself and restart cultivation.


"Mu Chen was excellent before. But you destroy his good life!" Hongling gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Feng with resentment.


"Ridiculous! Why do you think I destroy his life? The combat between me and Mu Chen is fair and reasonable, so it's him who can't accept the failure. If his cultivation conviction has been ruined just because of a failure, I have to say he is not suitable for cultivation. He should know cultivation is like sailing in the head tide, no sinking no rise." Ye Feng let out a cold smile. If he had an unstable cultivation conviction like Mu Chen, he would suicide early. For the whole three years, he had suffered apparent taunts and humiliation in Luoyun Sect, and made no progress in cultivation though he had spared no efforts. Some days ago, he had still been at the first layer Qi Condensation. Thanks to his firm cultivation conviction, he never gave up. He desired to be a strong cultivator and return the sword attack to Phoenix Lin Xi, who was the most talented and valued disciple in Luoyun Sect.


"It is all your fault! If you didn't appear, Mu Chen would not fall into decadency; he would be a high-profile and energetic youth like before!" Hongling ignored Ye Feng's words and blamed him with hatred.


"I don't care he is fine or terrible. It's he bringing trouble to himself!" Ye Feng threw out a frozen glimpse at Hongling and continued, "I really hope your cultivation conviction is unstable like Mu Chen. By this way, I will be happier than killing you." He had never been so angry as now. What a good girl Yurou was! She was nearly killed by Hongling!


Pia! Ye Feng couldn't control his fury any more. As the magic light gleamed in his hand, a magic long whip appeared. He waved it to lash Hongling instantly.


"Ye Feng…As long as I'm alive…I will kill you one day…Including Yurou!" Hongling fixed her eyes on Ye Feng and said these evil-minded words.


"I promise you a chance. If you want to revenge, find me directly. But if you hurt Yurou again, I swear I will try to exterminate your whole family no matter what will happen." Ye Feng's indifferent voice echoed with cold sight shooting towards Hongling.


Pia! Pia! Pia!


The long whip was laid on Hongling constantly, causing the painful expression on her face became more and more obvious. She put down her dignity and begged Ye Feng for mercy, "Stop, please…Could you please let me off?" How painful! Although she was a cultivator, she couldn't bear the whip.


"Now you know how painful! Why do you think for Yurou? She has more whip scars than you!" Ye Feng roared for Yurou's miserable experience. He would not forgive Hongling easily though he couldn't kill her.


"Ye Feng…I will grant all your requests if you stop whipping!" Hongling repeated for she couldn't stand the whip. She was painful from head to foot. If Ye Feng didn't stop, she might be beaten to die.


"I give you one chance. Be Yurou's maid until she recovers. During this period, if I know your disrespect to Yurou, I promise I will whip you again." Ye Feng warned Hongling in a cold voice.


"Okay…Okay…Okay…I will take care of Yurou…I will be her maid!" Hongling agreed at once, because she really didn't want to suffer the whip any more.

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