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The Blue Heaven Sword appeared in a sudden, dazzling with bright blue light, like a translucent sapphire. It gave off strong energy and hacked at Ye Feng in a flash.


Ye Feng had prepared for it early, so when the Blue Heaven Sword turned up, he rapidly ran his magic power in his body. With the roar of the divine image of White Tiger and spreading splendor, he punched the Blue Heaven Sword.




As a loud sound of crash resounded, cracks emerged on the Blue Heaven Sword. Soon, the sword broke to pieces completely and scattered on the ground.


"Why do you think you can triumph over me in terms of the same skill? Especially you used it many times. Ridiculous!" Ye Feng sneered. In fact, he had observed the appearance rule of the Blue Heaven Sword all the time. In the end, he had discovered a trace of the rule, so he had released his mighty power without any hesitation when the Blue Heaven Sword had emerged again before him. This was why he could smash the sword by a fist. He owned the initial Saint Physique, so his physical strength was formidable. His Tiger Fist was supported by the Divine Roc. Therefore, the Blue Heaven Sword couldn't resist his fist despite of its level of top grade Spiritual Tool.


"It's impossible…" Zhu Huai was astonished and couldn't believe the scene. It was difficult for him to receive this result. His Invisible Sword Skill had been cracked and Blue Heaven Sword had been destroyed. So what should he can use to fight with Ye Feng?


"Does Senior Zhu Huai fail?"


"Why is Ye Feng's physical body so strong? Even the top grade Spiritual Tool can't parry his fist."


Not only Zhu Huai couldn't accept the failure, did other disciples of Kendo Inheritance. Especially Hongling, whose face was filled up with fear. Zhu Huai, what a powerful man, lost to Ye Feng. So how could she compete with Ye Feng?


"The honorable era of Kendo Inheritance has already gone. I hope you can put yourself in a right position." Ye Feng cast a cold glance on Zhu Huai and didn't talk too much, because he came here not for Zhu Huai. His purpose was to revenge against Hongling severely for Yurou.


"Stay away from me…" Hongling trembled for scare. The despair rose from her heart for Ye Feng was extraordinarily mighty.


"My family is powerful in Bluemoon City. If you beat me today, my family will not forgive you, and I…" Pow! Before Hongling finished her words, she flew out and spat blood over the ground, her white clothes covered by the red blood. Her face got pale. She dropped down to the ground heavily with several bones being fractured. She was extremely embarrassed, losing her graceful temperament.


"You…"Hongling glared at Ye Feng, as the blood came out from her mouth.


"Dose Yurou provoke you? You not only ordered a female disciple to torment her, but also sent other disciples to do the same thing!" Ye Feng's voice quivered due to fury. He had never raged like today. He couldn't forget the scene when he saw Yurou. She had been hurt from head to foot and the whip scars could be found all over her body. Her snow-white skin got red because of blood and her face became pale. The previous bright light shimmering in her eyes vanished. If he was late to get there, Yurou might be tormented to die by those disciples. Although she was lucky to keep her life, she would not forget the painful experience and would get depressed.

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