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When Ye Feng and Qu Linyin got back to Yurou's yard, she lied on the bed; her face was pale and her skin was covered by wounds. What a heart-breaking scene!


"Yurou, it's my fault. I'm so sorry. If I didn't go, you would not suffer the hurt!" Qu Linyin cried her heart out. She extremely regretted receiving the invitation and leaving Yurou alone. It was so lucky that Ye Feng had appeared in time and helped Yurou. Otherwise, she would hate herself all her life.


"I'm fine. Don't blame yourself. You also don't know what will happen." Yurou comforted Qu Linyin in a soft voice. As she said these words, the blood came out of her mouth. She was so weak!


"Hurry up. Take out your medicinal pills!" Ye Feng fell into fury and scolded Hongling in a loud voice.


"Okay…Okay…Okay!" Hongling fast took out several sparkling and clear medicinal pills from her storage magic tool and put them into Yurou's mouth successively without any hesitation. These medicinal pills had been brought by Hongling from her family. She had planned to use them when she was hurt; however, she had to give them to Yurou because of Ye Feng.


Yurou stared at Hongling in surprise, because she couldn't imagine Hongling would be obedient like that. Most people in the sect knew Hongling was a spoiled miss from a big family, and she always held her head high and looked down upon others.


"Yurou, please have a good rest. From today, Hongling will take care of you until you recover." Ye Feng said in a gentle voice.


"Ah…" Amazement emerged on Yurou's face. Hongling was the most beautiful girl in outer disciples and very powerful. But now, Ye Feng said Hongling would be her maid…


"If she does something you are dissatisfied, you can tell me. I will usually visit you." When Ye Feng opened his mouth, he threw out a cold glimpse at Hongling at the same time.


"You can believe me…I will serve Yurou well!" Hongling promised instantly, for she didn't want to be whipped by Ye Feng once again.


Ye Feng turned round and warned Qu Linyin, "Please stay with Yurou and look after her well. I don't want to see her suffer the same accident again!"


"Okay. I promise you I will!" Qu Linyin replied with seriousness.


Ye Feng chatted with Yurou, reminded Qu Linyin some matters that needed attention, and left the yard. When he walked on the road, the stir caused by him hit whole Luoyun Sect.


"Ye Feng rushed into Kendo Inheritance and defeated Senior Zhu Huai who ranks 46th on the Qingyun List. He also orders Hongling, the most beautiful girl in outer disciples, to be a maid…"


"Thinking back! Ye Feng is so formidable. He has never lost to others since he rose."


"I think this is based on his accumulated strength. We all know he was a cultivation idiot for three years. Maybe he wants to firm his cultivation conviction!"


Almost all disciples of Luoyun Sect discussed Ye Feng, his name completely spreading over the sect. Not only disciples, but also many Elders attached importance to Ye Feng.


"As an outer disciple, Ye Feng consecutively triumphed over several inner disciples on the Qingyun List. He really has a terrifying potential…"


"Elder Weng recruits a talented disciple! I think Ye Feng will be the second person to step on the Spiritual Road!"


"Spiritual Road! If he can enter into the Spiritual Road, his life will be changed radically and he will transcend the common world!"


All Elders were astounded by Ye Feng's powerful potential and thought he would be the most outstanding one in the young generation of Luoyun Sect. They even thought Ye Feng would be the second person to step on the Spiritual Road after Phoenix Lin Xi.

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