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With the sound of swish, the Blue Heaven Sword sometimes appeared and sometimes disappeared. It hid in the invisible spaces, difficult to parry. Ye Feng got into an embarrassed situation; his clothes were broken and more wounds emerged on his body. This was him, who featured a strong physical body. If the other suffered the same attack, the person would be killed by the Blue Heaven Sword earlier.


"I must stop his attack; otherwise, I will lose to him sooner or later!" Lights shimmered in Ye Feng's eyes. He planned to take the initiative to start a raid rather than defend himself passively.


"Fire Cloud!" Phfft! The huge fire sea emerged and rushed to Zhu Huai.


Zhu Huai maintained his composure, cast a disdainful glance to Ye Feng and opened his mouth slowly, "It seems that I'm destined to triumph over you. I bring the Purified Water Bottle, so your Fire Cloud is invalid for me." As he said these words, he took out the Purified Water Bottle, which was a powerful magical tool. Inside the bottle was the Purified Water that could extinguish any kind of fire in the world.


Phfft! A stream of water rushed out from the Purified Water Bottle and formed ocean immediately. The waves ran to the fire sea.


"The Purified Water Bottle is a top-grade spiritual tool! No wonder Senior Zhu Huai will be selected into the Qingyun List. He owns two spiritual tools!"


"Ha ha. How miserable Ye Feng is! Senior Zhu Huai's skill and tools have restrained him. I think his good days will be ended."


"Senior Zhu Huai! Please give him a heavy lesson! Let him lose the confidence of provoking our Kendo inheritance."


All inner disciples here came from Kendo inheritance, so when they saw Ye Feng suffering losses continuously, they were extremely happy. In fact, they hated Ye Feng, because they thought Ye Feng was too presumptuous; he had cracked down their seniors several times.


"Ye Feng…" Qu Linyin got worried, for the fighting strength Zhu Huai had displayed was actually amazing and limited Ye Feng's skills.


"It's useless to be self-important. You should know there are so many people stronger than you in the world! Especially our Kendo Inheritance!" Zhu Huai was still calm; the Purified Water Bottle boasted mighty power, so it was easy for the bottle to break Ye Feng's Fire Cloud.


"You're right. But you are not a member of the strong." Ye Feng sneered and released the Yuxu Skill instantly. Indeed, he had prepared it all the time. The Yuxu Skill flew at Zhu Huai in a thrilling speed. Actually, Ye Feng never put all his hopes in the Fire Cloud and he just used it as a feigned attack. Only the Yuxu Skill was his real raid!


Boom! Boom! Pow!


Dark clouds covered the sky and a large lightning appeared at once with dazzling light. Quickly, the lightning hacked at Zhu Huai.




Zhu Huai flew out. He fell into an embarrassed situation due to the lightning. The smell of burnt meat spread out from him and black smoke curled up on his body. His hair went mad.


"Ye Feng! I will kill you!" Zhu Huai roared with blood rushing out from his mouth without stop. He looked terrible, losing the previous graceful temperament.

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