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"What a confident man! My previous opponents said same words like you, but finally, they were defeated by me." Ye Feng gazed at Zhu Huai with a calm expression.


"I'm different." Zhu Huai repeated and generated his energy. The extraordinary, shimmering Blue Heaven Sword floated on his side.


"Ye Feng. You're so arrogant! You have made troubles for our Kendo Inheritance time by time. Do you really think our Inheritance is easy to be humiliated?" Hongling sneered and shifted the responsibility to Ye Feng. She wanted to transfer her contradiction with Ye Feng to the conflict between Kendo Inheritance and Ye Feng.


"If we don't get outrageous, you would think we're weak! Senior Zhu Huai, please give him a lesson and let him know how powerful Kendo Inheritance is!" One inner disciple of Kendo Inheritance came up with his request; he was also invited by Hongling to join the party here.


"Why do you think you can treat me like a dog? You tormented my friend, so no matter who will come here and stop me, I won't let you off!" Ye Feng threw out his frozen sights to Hongling. Yurou had helped him and received inhumane treatment because of him, so if he made a concession here, he would not forgive himself in his remaining life.


As Ye Feng's eyes gleamed, he sped up and jumped before Hongling. Pia! He heavily slapped her head-on. The whole action was so fast that others couldn't respond at once.


"Ye Feng…I will kill you!" Astonishment emerged in Hongling's eyes at first, but soon, it was replaced by fury. The red fingerprint was obvious on her white face.


"How dare you act violently when I'm here? Ye Feng, you're too imperious! Do you look down upon me?" Zhu Huai let out a cold roar; the Blue Heaven Sword glistering with blue light rushed to Ye Feng directly.


In the meantime, Hongling also launched fierce raids; she had never been slapped by people before, but Ye Feng had done that!


No fear could be found on Ye Feng's face. His skin sparkled as treasure and his body seemed perfect. He moved fast and intensely with the roar by his Tiger Fist. How terrifying the scene was!




As the first attack target of Ye Feng, Hongling flew out after the Tiger Fist had dropped down on her. Her blood incarnadined the ground immediately.


"Ye Feng!" Zhu Huai completely froze his face, for he couldn't predict that Hongling would suffer serious injuries when he was here. It really hurt his pride.


"I don't want to talk so much. Today, you must pay the price for your foolish behaviors!" Zhu Huai snorted. His Blue Heaven Sword became transparent in a sudden and disappeared straightly. Nobody knew what happened except him.


Ye Feng concentrated his attention and stood back quickly. Suddenly, the Blue Heaven Sword turned up and passed through his chest, leaving a wound. The blood came out at once.


Pow! Ye Feng responded promptly and carried out the Tiger Fist to hit the sword. However, the Blue Heaven Sword was so strange. Before Ye Feng's fists touched the sword, it again vanished, wasting Ye Feng's attack.


"I said I'm different!" Zhu Huai sneered with a calm expression.


"Invisible Sword Skill! Wow! Senior Zhu Huai has cultivated this amazing skill!" A disciple of Kendo Inheritance around Zhu Huai breathed in a gasp. He was astounded by that!


"Invisible Sword Skill can rank top ten sword skills in our Kendo Inheritance despite of so many sword skills. Hide the spiritual sword in emptiness and give opponent a critical strike. It's difficult to ferret out the sword."


"Almost all disciples of Kendo Inheritance want to cultivate this skill, however, only a few people have the qualification. How strong Senior Zhu Huai is!"


"The ranking on the Qingyun List must be changed repeatedly. In terms of the Invisible Sword Skill, Senior Zhu Huai must rank higher than before!" All inner disciples here sighed with emotion.

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