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"Hongling, you really depress me! From then on, you're not my friend any more!" Qu Linyin froze her face and got into fury. Hongling was one of her best friends in Luoyun Sect. But to her surprise, Hongling set up a trap for her to hurt Yurou.


"Hum. Do you think I want to be your friend? Do you think I don't know your thoughts? I know you like Mu Chen. You want to take advantage of me to get close to Mu Chen, right?" Hongling peered at Qu Linyin with contempt. She had already noticed that Qu Linyin liked Mu Chen, but in consideration of their friendship, she never talked that. However, they were disputing at this moment; she didn't need to consider Qu Linyin's emotion.


"You…" Qu Linyin's voice quivered and her face became pale due to anger. Yes! She liked Mu Chen. But she made friends with Hongling not for utilizing Hongling to get in touch with Mu Chen!


"What? Are you embarrassed because I revealed your thoughts? Mu Chen is my man. It's impossible for him to fall in love with a bitch like you! How lowly you are! You are willing to be Ye Feng's maid!" Hongling sneered.


"Do you know you have no qualification to be my maid?" Ye Feng jeered, his eyes fixed on Hongling full of scorn.


"What the fuck!" Hongling fell into fury. As the most beautiful woman among outer disciples, all outer male disciples admired her; even the high-status inner disciples appreciated her. But Ye Feng said she had no qualification to be his maid! This really aggravated her!


"Ye Feng. You're too arrogant! At first, I didn't want to battle with you. But I can't stand your insolent attitude! I will give you a lesson on behalf of your teacher!" Zhu Huai stood up and talked to Ye Feng in a cold voice.


"What do you think you are? How dare you say that?" As bright light gleamed in Ye Feng's eyes, he replied without fear.


Boom! Zhu Huai stopped talking and released his mighty energy immediately, which tipped over the fruits and wine on the wooden desk.


There came the sound of swish. A beam of blue light flashed. People here couldn't find its movement because of its thrilling speed. This was horrible!


Ye Feng felt chillness in a sudden and a strong sense of danger hit him, so he turned round subconsciously, avoiding the upcoming sword. However, he was still hurt. The blue light cut his arm and left a shallow wound.


A trace of amazement appeared in Zhu Huai's eyes. This blue light was his magic tool - Blue Heaven Sword. This sword was a top-grade Spiritual Tool, featuring utterly formidable power. It could smash a rock weighing 150,000kg. What made him astounded was that the Blue Heaven Sword hurt Ye Feng's arm, just leaving a shallow wound. It was unbelievable!


"You have a strong physical body!" Zhu Huai opened his mouth and became serious. He had to attach importance to Ye Feng, a powerful rival.


"If your rival is the other one, you may triumph over him. But it's a pity. Today, I'm your rival. You are bound to lose to me!" Zhu Huai let out a sneer. His sword cultivation was different from others, so it was useless no matter how strong Ye Feng's physical body would be.

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