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"You can eat whatever you want, but you can't say whatever's on your mind." Hongling froze her face and fixed her eyes on the female disciple.


Pow! The female disciple fell down to the ground because of fear. Indeed, she was a timid woman and couldn't bear scare. Confronting Hongling's fierce sights, she changed her words, "I…I'm wrong…Not Senior Sister Hongling."


At this moment, the youth in blue asked in a sudden, "Are you Ye Feng?"


Ye Feng gazed at him with composure, "Yes." The youth gave him a special feeling, which was more intense than Zuo Li and Leng Qingfeng. The youth must have a high level in cultivation.


"I heard the battle between you and Zuo Li and we discussed you just now. Later, you come here. It's so coincidental. Sit down. We can have a drink and enjoy the music together." The youth smiled, showing his elegant and peaceful temperament, which made people around him feel comfortable.


He looked at Ye Feng and said in a gentle voice, "There is a misunderstanding. Could you give me a favor and let it pass?"


The youth's attitude surprised Ye Feng. Almost all disciples of Kendo Inheritance hated him, but this youth, seeming to be a disciple of Kendo Inheritance too, didn't show any discontent before him.


"This is our inner disciple senior, Zhu Huai. He ranks 46th on the Qingyun List. Junior Ye. All you heard is a misunderstanding, and I think there must be someone framing me. You'd better not be cheated by them." Hongling walked to Ye Feng with smile; she pointed out the youth's identity to warn Ye Feng against acting recklessly.


"Misunderstanding? I don't think so."


Ye Feng sneered and didn't care Zhu Huai. He peered at Hongling with his eyes full of coldness, "I really admire your courage! Until now, you still pretend that nothing happened. It doesn't matter. Today, I will not let you go easily no matter your admit or not."


It was impossible for Ye Feng to believe Hongling's words. Even though the female disciple lied to him, the subsequent disciples who had come Yurou's yard also lied to him? That was unreasonable! Because the subsequent disciples didn't know he was there.


"Ye Feng, you have gone too far!" Zhu Huai changed his expression immediately. He didn't expect Ye Feng to neglect him and act with murderous intent here. He felt his dignity was challenged.


Hongling's expression became also terrible. She was clear how terrifying Ye Feng was. Zuo Li and Leng Qingfeng were conquered by him. She was not stronger than the two. How did she fight with Ye Feng? Although Zhu Huai was powerful, she still felt nervous.


"Senior Sister Hongling…Something bad happened…Those seniors going to Yurou's yard…are hurt by Ye Feng." As panic whoop resounded, a disciple of Kendo Inheritance ran into the yard with his face filled up with anxiety. However, when he entered into the yard and saw Ye Feng, he was frightened to lose his minds. His face became pale and he sank to the ground instantly.


"Damn…" Hongling's expression was changed at one. This disciple was unable to help accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything!


"What else to say?" Ye Feng snorted and gave cool sights to Hongling.


"Hum. So what? You have humiliated our Kendo Inheritance time by time. Yurou deserves the punishment. She should bear that. You should blame yourself." Hongling roared. Under the current circumstance, whatever she said, Ye Feng would not change his thoughts. In fact, she drew up a good plan. The affair of tormenting Yurou couldn't be spread out, but she never imagined that Ye Feng would appear here at this moment.

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