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Ye Feng walked to the female disciple who had whipped Yurou and asked her in a cold voice, "Who order you to do that?"


"Senior Sister Hongling…" The female disciple replied in a trembling voice.


"Where is she now?"


"She is at her own yard." The female disciple revealed Hongling's location without any hesitation, because she was really scared and didn't dare to conceal anything.


"Take me to find her!" Ye Feng gave an order.


The female disciple stood up with her trembling body and guided Ye Feng to head for Hongling's yard.


The green, quiet mountain and forest, as well as flowing stream formed a peaceful scene. However, Ye Feng couldn't feel the tranquility; his heart was full of homicidal intent.


Quickly, a yard emerged before Ye Feng. The sounds of singing and laughing ran out of the yard and came into Ye Feng's ears.


"Senior Zhu, I admire you for a long time. But I never contacted you before; today, you come here to join the party. All of us are happy, so I want to play the Zheng (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) for you."


"Wow! Hongling, you are beautiful, and you can play the Zheng! It's amazing! It's my honor to hear!"


"Thanks. I hope my playing can please you."


The elegant and sweet sound resounded. Hongling played the strings with her beautiful hands, the smooth playing adding a special charisma to her.


"It seems that all you guys enjoy a good time. Why not invite me?" Ye Feng let out a laugh, stepped into the yard and disturbed Hongling's playing.


There were about eight people in the yard; before each one was a wooden desk, carrying fruits and vintage wine. Among these people, a man in blue was easy to catch people's eyes. He was tall, slender and handsome, with a graceful and superior temperament.




The playing sound stopped abruptly. Hongling stared at Ye Feng in surprise, and quavered, "Why are you here?"


"I heard Senior Sister Hongling has prepared a feast. I like lively activity, so I come here without invitation." Ye Feng sneered and gazed at Hongling.


"Ye Feng! You come here! Yurou has gotten well these days. We said two days later, we will pay you a visit together." Qu Linyin stood up with smile and walked to Ye Feng. She didn't know this feast was a trap, an exclusive trap for Yurou.


When hearing the name of Yurou, Hongling changed her expression; her heart was filled up with tension.


"You have been fooled. They invite you here deliberately. After you left Yurou, they dispatch people to humiliate her. If I'm a little late, Yurou will be whipped to die!" Ye Feng's eyes shot out two beams of cool light, fury appearing on his face.


"What? Why did you do that? I regard you as my friend all the time! You really let me down!" Qu Linyin became angry and exclaimed to Hongling.


"Don't believe him! I did nothing! Today, I invite you here just because Senior Zhu will come, and I want the party to become pleasant!" Hongling shook her head and refused to admit.


"How dare you quibble?" Ye Feng scoffed and let the female disciple who had whipped Yurou get in.


"I…I followed Senior Sister Hongling's order." The female disciple trembled.

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