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Tears filling up with Yurou's big eyes, she seemed very painful. Her skin was full of whip scars. What a heartbreaking scene!


"Ye Feng…You come here…"Yurou called in a weak voice; she couldn't bear the pain, falling down directly.


Ye Feng held Yurou, took her to the bed and let her sit.


"Where is Qu Linyin?" Fury appeared in Ye Feng's eyes. The current appearance of Yurou made him grieved. He still remembered when they had met at the first time, Yurou had worn red clothes, seeming outgoing and energetic. But at this time, her face got pale and her body was covered by serious wounds. It was really heartbreaking!


"She was invited by Senior Sister Hongling…She hasn't gotten back…After Linyin left, this senior sister came here instantly…She said you humiliated Kendo Inheritance…As your friend…I should be punished instead of you." Yurou told Ye Feng off and on, her eyes losing light. It was obvious that she was tormented by the female disciple.


Ye Feng's hair stood on end and flashed before the female disciple. Pia! The female disciple was slapped out.


"How atrocious you are! Why did you do such an inhumane thing? You insult the name of cultivator!"


The female disciple was masked by blood, her trembling sound echoing, "I don't want to do that! I'm instructed by the other one."


In a sudden, the noise resounded in the small yard; plenty of people got into the yard.


"Hum. How detestable Ye Feng is! He dares to humiliate our Kendo Inheritance time by time. But his friend Yurou wants to stay here for cultivation! Damn her cultivation dream!"


"Right. Although we can't beat Ye Feng, we can beat Yurou."


"Senior Sister Hongling is so smart! Owing to the departure of Qu Linyin, we can insult Yurou and nobody can help her."


"Ha ha. Ye Feng's friend will be humiliated by us though he is powerful and arrogant."


The crowd was made up of men and women; all were disciples of Kendo Inheritance. After seeing and hearing the consecutive indignities on Kendo Inheritance from Ye Feng, they wanted to let off their fury to Yurou. However, when they walked into the room, the smiles on their faces were frozen.


"Ye Feng!"


"Why are you here?"


The people, who came here, trembled with their eyes full of fear when seeing Ye Feng, like meeting the scariest thing in the world.


"Fuck all you guys!" Hearing their words, Ye Feng completely fell into fury. He launched a fist attack straightly and all disciples flew out.


"Yurou, relax. I will get back on them for you." Ye Feng froze his eyes; he had known the person behind the affair. No matter what would happen, he must pay off twice as much.


"Ye Feng…Don't go…They have so many people…I'm fine…I will recover in several days…" As Yurou persuaded Ye Feng, the blood came out from her mouth. It was really, really heartbreaking!


Noticing the scene, Ye Feng almost cried. Yurou had been tormented because of him; he couldn't stand idly!


"No matter who the person is, I will let her pay a heavy price." Ye Feng's eyes shot out two beams of cold lights, his firm words resounding.

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