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Chapter  11  Fusion


Ye Feng also saw the killing intent in the her eyes, but he didn't care. Now he has the strongest system. Although Ziqing was very strong and has a high status, as long as giving him time to grow, Zi Qing was not a big problem.


"You'd better not to piss me off again, or you'll definitely have to pay for it."


Ye Feng looked at the Zi Qing's back and said calmly.


"Let me see the current data!"


Ye Feng thought and in front of him,a data screen light up.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


Realm: 4th Layer QI condensation.


Constitution: One Star Saint Physique (0/100000).


Experience values: 6350.


Cultivation Method:

immortal sutra  0/10000  (immortal method)

Divine Roc  0/10000  (immortal skill)

Dragon Style (High-stage).

Magic Tools :

Shennong Tripod (immorta&incomplete).



"At present, the level of Cultivation Method I know is, Mortal, Earth, Mysterious, King, Emperor,Heaven, Sanctuary, Imperial, and Immortal."


"Dragon Style is a method of Mortal level, but I feel its power is extraordinary. It certainly will not be just a simple Mortal method. Now that I have the strongest system,which could help me to improve the level of Cultivation Method. It has now been promoted by me to the high realm of upper Mortal method. It would be better for me to try again and see if we can let it go to the next level!"


Ye Feng's eyes glowed. He remembered that when he played the Dragon Style, there was a shape of white tiger appeared. This Dragon Style was certainly not as simple as it appeared on the surface.


If it can always been reached the realm to the Immortal,that would be really good...


He did not hesitate to directly tune out the system and chose to upgrade Dragon Style.



"Congratulations on the success of the promotion of the Dragon Style. The Dragon Style is in the lower Earth. The experience values of this consumption is 2000. The current experience values of the host is 4350."


The sound of the system came out and Ye Feng's face showed an excited expression!


"Yes! I knew the Dragon Style is definitely not simple!"


Ye Feng laughed, Dragon Style is very powerful, if he can continue to upgrade, it will definitely become one of his clutch shot !


Who can imagine a world-famous fist method could erupt into such a powerful power? !


Suddenly, with his eyes lit up, he saw the black long knife next to Wu Tong's body, which is a Magic Tools .


The Magic Tools were also divided into different grades, the most lowest was Spiritual Tools, followed by Genuine Tools, Earth Tools, Heaven Tools, Sanctuary Tools...


"This is a Spiritual Tools,it should not be wasted!"


Ye Feng smiled and held the black long saber in his hand.


At this moment, the system's voice suddenly sounded.


"The system has detected the Spiritual Tools. Will the host agree to decompose it to repair the Shennong Tripod?




Even if the Magic Tools can be decomposed, the strongest system is really perfect!


Ye Feng laughed and replied directly.



"Congratulations on the successful of the decomposing and gaining 100 points of experience values in Shennong tripod!"


At the same time, the black long saber in Ye Feng's hands disappeared.


And his data panel has also changed.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


Realm: 4th Layer QI condensation.


Constitution: One Star Saint Physique(0/100000).


Experience values: 4350.


Cultivation Method:

Immortal Sutra  0/10000  (immortal method)

Divine Roc  0/10000  (immortal skill)

Dragon Style   (level 1)  ( Lower Earth).


Magic Tools :

Shennong Tripod (immortal &incomplete).  (The process of complete: 1/10)



"Haha, i couldn't love the system any more, but what I lack now is experience values!"


Cultivation Method, Constitution, and Magic Tools all require experience values to improve. This experience values is really important.


Ye Feng excited, without too much hesitation, he took a big stride and stepped in the mountains to find a spiritual beast and ready to kill and gain experience values.


His speed is quick, his eyes are sharp, and soon he discovers a goal.


It was a moire leopard,its body length exceeds twenty meters, whole body is white and covered by cloud mottled, with sharp claws, which flashed cold light.


Ye Feng was very vigilant and did not rush to act.


This moire leopard is different from other moire leopards. Obviously it has undergone changes. There are actually two of its tails!


Its strength is astonishing, the whole body is flowing with crystal luster, just one swoops, and could kill a huge yellow lion instantly!


"It looks like it has a lot experience values."



Ye Feng smiled and hid in the dark, without any timidness. On the contrary, he was still eager to try.


He measured his power with the moire, and if they fight, he would probably win the moire!




The moire leopard suddenly opened his eyes and suddenly looked at the place of Ye Feng exist.




It shouted so loudly that even the mountain forest is shook by the sound , surpassing twenty meters of body fluttering, with a pungent smell, like a white flash, instantly culling to Ye Feng!




Ye Feng appeared, his tightened the masul and he faced it without fear.



He was very excited. The strength of this moire leopard definitely surpassed the two outer disciples he had previously killed. For him, it was not only a good opportunity to gain experience, but also a chance to hone himself!




The moire leopard eyes are cold, the huge body's extraordinary frighten, it swept its two tails, like two hard sticks, the huge stone and trees near by was directly swept off.


"Good !"


Ye Feng laughed and played Dragon Style at the first, with no avoiding, he blew to the two tails of the moire leopard directly.


The sound of tigers broke out, a shape of white tiger that lingered throughout the whole body appeared. Along with the fist of Ye Feng, extremely strong culled towards the moire leopard!




The sound of the big bang started, and the woodlands nearby were trembling. Some birds and beasts with low strength flew away from the area.


"Sure enough strong!"





Ye Feng figure suddenly retreat several meters, he just collided with the moire leopard, the upgrade Dragon Style even hit a tie with moire leopard, did not cause any harm to it!




The moire leopard yelled, it never occurred it before that this weak human being in front of it actually has such a powerful force that can compete with it.


Its snow-white hair all stood up and has a bow-shaped body facing the Ye Feng.


"Haha, come again!"


Ye Feng laughed, his body was lustrous, he punched and punched, and the white tiger was snarling with the imposing of a strong Beastmaster, the whole body flowed through the white light, as if falling from the sky and pressed towards the moire leopard!


The moire leopard bloody mouth opened and revealed fierceness. The two leopard tails that flowed and attacked Ye Feng.


It is very strong. The long time living in the mountains like a prehistoric country has given its a keen battle awareness

Leopard's tail had just been swept out, and its large paws appeared directly, like a white, sharp sickle, sharply snapping to the head of Ye Feng.

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