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Chapter  12   A Lot Of Experience


Ye Feng gazed his eyes, facing the full attack of moire leopard, he looks very dignified.


He didn't hesitate, and showed the fiercely successful Divine Roc at the first. A roc appeared, it was particularly strong and its pupil was with proud. The shound It shouted as if coming across the ancient!




The moire leopard shouted with painful, and the beastly body that surpassed twenty meters was knocked back and fell to the ground.


It was wounded, blood stained and was directly overturned by the ferocious roc.


This made it alert and did not dare to look down this weak human being in the front.


It bleeds from the corners of the mouth and rises from the ground. The original imposing of the wild and violent disappeared. The eyes that look at Ye Feng are very solemn.

All the ground is bloody. When roc collided with it, it interrupted one of moire leopard's fangs in its mouth. The fang is cold and shiny.


"I am so strong!"


Ye Feng's eyes light up, it never occur him that his current strength can even reach such a terrible effect.


The strength of the moire leopard is definitely not weak. Compared to the two outer disciples, it's more stronger.


However, under the Divine Roc, it is still weaker!




Ye Feng is in a rousing mood. The fierce Dragon Style broke out with the sound of air bursting and hit the moire leopard forceful .




Moire leopard roared loudly, and the big claws were terrible and went away toward Ye Feng.


The collision sounds constantly, Ye Feng's body glows, and continues to come out the Dragon Style, fighting with the moire leopard.


This time, he did not use Divine Roc, but only Dragon Style.


It has just been upgraded and he wants to hone the power of it through the fighting with moire leopard!


Hundreds of fights, Ye Feng's Dragon Style are more and more powerful, the imposing is also getting more and more fierce!




The moire leopard grimaced in pain, and the chilling fangs suddenly bitten toward Ye Feng, but it was interrupted by Ye Feng's punch and bleed its mouth.


Ye Feng is fierce and incomparable, his overbearing fists continued, which hit the flesh of moire leopard in explosion, and flew a few meters away.


"The Tiger Dragon Style really is extraordinary. Just now I didn't comprehend its true intentions. Tiger is the king of the beasts. Thus,i must have a courage to move forward. If there is any fear, the imposing will be greatly reduced!"


Ye Feng's eyes are bright, he has now realized the true meaning of Dragon Style, there is a great deal of confidence to kill the moire leopard by it!


The ferociously of moire leopard came up , it yelled loudly, and the big paws and the bloody mouth opened wide and began a fierce counterattack toward Ye Feng.


" you are useless, but can change some experience values!"


Ye Feng shouted,his aggressive bursted, and attacked the moire leopard with all power.


Dragon Style is overbearing, and he kept punching on the body of the moire leopard, interrupted its two tails, shattered its skull and broke its body through a bloody hole.





With a thud, the body of the moire leopard surpassed twenty meters fell down. The blood flew all the ground.




"Congratulations on the host to kill beast, moire leopard,you have gain the experience valus of 2000, the current experience values that host has is 6350."


The system voice came and the battle officially ended.


"hey, maybe i can use the body of moire leopard to attract other beasts."


Ye Feng was very happy ,and without any hesitate,he found hidden area to wait directly.


The moire leopard died, and the bloody smell was extremely strong. It would surely attract many beasts. He intended to hide behind and wait for these beasts to come.



Just a while, the ground is trembling, and many beasts are coming.


All of them were attracted by the leopard's bloody smell and came from all sides to fight for the body.



a mighty tiger with the golden light emerged. Its eyes are cold and ruthless, and it went straight to the body of the moire leopard.


In the other side, the wolves squeaked continuously, then many bronze-headed wolves appeared. Their fangs were sharp and savage.



Constantly, many beasts emerged with the cold eyes, obviously showed that they are wild and violence.


Their goal is clear, the body of the moire leopard.


"It will be a lot of experience!"


Ye Feng hides behind abig tree, smiling brightly.


Each of these beasts exudes a terrible imposing, and it is more scary to gather them.


However, Ye Feng does not fear at all,he offered the Shennong tripod and directly killed a beast that had just arrived.






Ye Feng shouted and then jumped up, rushed to the wild animal group, just like a god of war,  crushed and unmatched.


The forests exploded and the beasts were constantly knocked over by Ye Feng. With the Divine Roc in left hand and Dragon Style in right hand,the powerful strength stirred up, and many beasts were killed.




The glittering Tiger snarled, and the big paws waved, bringing a hurricane and then attack Ye Feng fiercely.


With a bang, Ye Feng's fists glowed, and roc snarled, then explored the tiger with a punch!


The hard-fought battle is exited, and the strength of Ye Feng unreserved release,and killed all the beasts that came here!


Expearience values +1000



Expearience values +1500


Expearience values +2000




The voice of the system continues to spread. After Ye Feng killed all these beasts, he has already gained a lot of experience values.


At this time, he already has more than 10,000 experience values.


"Let me upgrade the Immortal Sutra first and see what is different from the previous!"


Ye Feng thought and decided to upgrade the Immortal Sutra.




"Congratulations on the success of the host upgrade the Immortal Sutra, and opened the first level of cultivation of the Immortal Sutra. The current experience values of the host is 6,000."


A ray of light appeared, and lit Ye Feng's eyes up, and there is more cultivate method of the Immortal Sutra in the mind.


"go and cultivate it now!"


Without any hesitate, he stepped away and left the area directly. He found a hidden cave, and blocked the hole, prepared to cultivate.


He sat on a piece of bluestone, and his body began to run the cultivation method of first level of the Immortal Sutra.

The brilliance flashes.there are many blue light and the spiritual essence that is invisible to the naked eye quickly rushes toward the body of Ye Feng.


With a bang, Many vision are showed behind Ye Feng. The golden waves rolled and the thunder rang.It is very detached and extraordinary scene.


Ye Feng's eyes are closed, the state is extremely ethereal, and paid all the attention to feel the real meaning of the Immortal Sutra.


After a long time has passed, Ye Feng opened his eyes, and the brilliance that came out of the eyes became even more bright. The whole person seems like a dragon.


"Improve once again a realm,it's awesome!"



Ye Feng looks excited and checks the data screen again.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


Realm: 5th Layer QI condensation.


Constitution: One Star Saint Physique (0/100000).


Experience values: 6000.


Cultivation Method:

Immortal Sutra  0/10000  ( level 1) (immortal method)

Divine Roc  0/10000  (immortal skill)

Dragon Style  (level 1)  ( Lower Earth).

Magic Tools :

Shennong Tripod (immortal incomplete) (The process of complete: 1/10).




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