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Chapter  10   Trouble


" Terrific!."


Beside, Jiang Shui blinked, hiser mouth opened slightly,showed that she was shocked by Ye Feng's punch.




"Congratulations on the success of hostage killing the cultivator of the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation. The experience values are 1,500 points. The current experience values of the host is 4850."


The system sounded, but Ye Feng could not care it.


Because Wu Tong has already been front.


"This is the spiritual tool I got from the school and I always wanted to know what can it do. Now, i will try it on you!"


Wu Tong sneered and held a long knife,then sneaked into Ye Feng with mighty fierce.


The long knife shines, and there is an inexplicable rhyme of Taoism that has detached itself and possesses superior power.




With a long knife hacked and a deep stumbling appeared in the ground, the power of terror can never be underestimated.


without fear,Ye Feng's body lingering brilliance, he opened up roundly, like a god of war,then killed toward Wu Tong mighty.




Mars splattered, metal tremors sounded.


Ye Feng's fist is extremely hard, and he punched and punched, colliding with Wu Tong's long knife, which afflicted Wu Tong's entire arm.


There is a frighten flashed in his eyes.


Ye Feng's body is so strong that he even could fight with his long knife by punching!


"Divine power can crush everything. Even if your body is hard as iron, you will never survive under the attack of my divine power!"


Wu Tong shouted, the divine power of his body swarming, the long knife in his hand shining again, then chopped to Ye Feng.


Divine power blessed, the power of the long knife was raised again.


"It's useless, punch you!"


Ye Feng sneered. He is now one star Eucharist. The degree of hardness can be comparable to the spiritual tool.


"Dragon Style!"


Ye Feng's eyes glowed and the fierce Dragon Style played. The sound of the tiger's whistle shook and collided with the long knife in Wu Tong's hands.




Just as the two major metals collided, Ye Feng's fist was just overbearing, and the white tiger is swaying, which totally defeated Wu Tong.


Wu Tong's eyes fill with the shocked, he was a outer disciple with the realm of 5th Layer QI condensation,but he was even beaten by a factotum disciple now!


No one would believe that? !




Ye Feng powered,with glowed his eyes, and then he showed the Divine Roc and punched Wu Tong to flow out.



Ye Feng shot decisively, and erupted the amazing speed. When Wu Tong had not landed, the fierce fists were directly punched on him.




Wu Tong coughed and quivered, and even the black long knife held in his hands was knocked to the ground.




Divine light broke out In the eyes of Ye Feng. The power of the Eucharist filled up. He took a full stride and punched Wu Tong.


Blood rain drifted, Wu Tong died!





"Congratulations on the host kill the cultivator of the 5th Layer QI condensation realm successful. You gained an experience values of 1,500 points. The current experience values host has is 6,350."


At this moment, Ye Feng's scalp suddenly chilled and there is a very strong sense of crisis was raised in his heart.


He did not hesitate to push the speed to the most extreme and turned his body desperately to evade right by.




A frightening sword light appeared and rubbed the edge of Ye Feng away, which cut a mountain peak off directly!


"How dare you to kill the outer disciple of Luoyun Sect, are you impatient to live?"


A cold female voice came, a young girl, driving Changhong, appeared in mid-air.


Her temperament is dusty, and lovely enough to cause the fall of a city or a state,and she has gracefully slender figure, with holding a blue sword in the hand, she looks like a female sword fairy.


Ye Feng's eyes were as hard as chilled steeland and his arm was badly mutilated. If he hadn't escaped the attack in time, he would have been cut off in half by the young girl!


The strength is so powerful that is not what he can deal with at the moment!


The girl floated up on Changhong, his eyes swept over Ye Feng, and a surprise was seen in his eyes.


"You are a factotum disciple of Luoyun Sect?"



She saw the clothes worn by Ye Feng,it's the custom of the factotum disciple.


In a flash, her face turned cold again and said: "hidden in Luoyun Sect as a disciple. What are you really up to!"


She had just witnessed that Ye Feng explored Wu Tong's body just by one punch.


This kind of strength is definitely not something that a factotum disciple could have.


Therefore, she decided immediately that Ye Feng must have been a spy who is hiding in the Luoyun Sect.


"You are so unreasonable, you didn't ask for the truth and confound right and wrong, but just want to kill me!"


Ye Feng shouted, if it wasn't for him to react fast enough, he wouldn't even have the chance to answer these questions. He has must been cut in half by a sword.


"I have seen with my own eyes, do you dare to quibble?!"


The girl's eyes glowed, she stood on the arched long bridge with clothes fluttered, and shouted loudly at Ye Feng.


"Zi Qing, you get down of there!"


Beside,Jiang Shui's face livid with anger, she scolded Zi Qing for coming down from the arched bridge.


The girl saw Jiang Shui and looked happy. She fell directly from the bridge and walked to Jiang Shui with a smile.


"I finally found you, founder told me to come here to find you..."




The crisp slap sounded, Jiang Shui's face was full of anger, and she immediately slapped her hands on the girl's delicate face.


The young girl was stunned. Her words were not finished, but has be slapped by Jiang Shui.


"Junior Sister, you..."


The girl felt wronged. She did not understand why Jiang Shui did that to her.


She was angry but kept her temper under control.


Because of Jiang Shui , is the daughter of the Sect Leader.


"You almost killed my savior. You tell me, if you should be slap or not!"


Jiang Shuili's face was straight and her eyes widened, if it weren't for Ye Feng to avoid the attack in time, he would really die just now.


Ye Feng was wondering beside that the girl is a very powerful and frightening. She has absolutely detached position.


However, Jiang Shui actually gave her a slap, and the girl could not even dare to say no.


The identity of Jiang Shui is definitely not simple...


Ye Feng suddenly thought of Jiang Shui's words that the chief disciples wanted to be her lackey but she refused.


Now he believed,what Jiang Shui has said should be real...


"What did you want to find me here about?"


Jiang Shui asked with a poker face.


"Sect Leader said that the mountains here have not been very safe recently. He was wondering whether you're okay, so ordered me to seek you back ..."


"You'd better to change your brute temper, or I will ask my father to shut you into retreat cliff to reflect upon your mistakes."


Jiang Shui leapt on to the colored deer God. She looked at Ye Feng and asked, "Do you want to go back with me? I can tell my father that you needn't to be a factotum disciple anymore.And if you want,you can get in any school of any elder to cultivate."


Ye Feng shook his head and refused the suggestion of Jiang Shui.


He now has the strongest system. In the future, he will certainly be able to rise up with his own strength. He does not need to do it thought the back door like Jiang Shui.


"Ye Feng ... Ye Feng ... well, so I have time,I'll go to find you."


Jiang Shui rides on the deer God and walks toward Luoyun Sect.


The young girl, Ziqing, also closely followed Jiang Shui's side.


However, at the time of leaving, her eyes looked ruthless at Ye Feng, which filled with endless homicidal intent.

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