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A tremendous fire sea emerged before people and the whole sky reflected the glow of fire. The heat waves rushed out, seeming like volcanic eruption.


"Is this Fire Cloud?" Many disciples were startled! They all knew Fire Cloud; it was just an Earth middle grade skill. This skill had limited use despite its mighty power. But the Fire Cloud carried out by Ye Feng was awfully astonishing, for it posted a stronger power than some Mysterious skills in terms of the widespread glow of fire and tremendous fire sea!


"What kind of person Ye Feng is? He not only performs well in physical body, but also in cultivation talent. He can give play to the power of Mysterious skills by using an Earth middle grade skill!"


All disciples were surprised by Ye Feng's amazing power, including Zuo Li. Indeed, he was also shocked by the power of the Fire Cloud. Nevertheless, he didn't worry; he had confidence in his Wind Cutting Sword, believing the skill could ruin the Fire Cloud.




As the Fire Cloud hit with the Wind Cutting Sword, the bloodcurdling explosive sounds resounded in the vacant space with widespread glow of fire and whopping sword energy. The power of the two skills was so mighty that the situation was stalemated.


"Hum. It's impossible for your skill to resist the power of my Wind Cutting Sword!" Zuo Li sneered. The Wind Cutting Sword was a real Mysterious skill, while the Fire Cloud was just an Earth middle grade skill. The grade gap between their skills was huge, so the Fire Cloud couldn't parry the Wind Cutting Sword.




Fingers of Zuo Li shimmering, he stretched one hand. A type of formidable power came out and rushed into the Wind Cutting Sword. Boom! Brilliant sword lights exploded, releasing potent energy with wild wind. In a wink, Ye Feng's Fire Cloud got into a disadvantage.


"It's useless!" Ye Feng retained his calmness with his hair dancing in wind, giving off a kind of unrivaled feeling. As the sound of buzz echoed, two mysterious lights got out from his eyes. He rapidly ran the Divine Roc. Immediately, the fire sea's intensity was increased for several times and swallowed the brilliant sword lights directly.


"I'll show you Yuxu Inheritance!" Ye Feng whooped in a deep voice. The Yuxu Skill crazily ran in his body that glistered with bright star splendor, the power of stars being generated.


Boom! Boom! Pow!


Sonorous thunder resounded and the sky changed its color. A huge lightning turned up, instantly broke Zuo Li's sword lights and rushed to Zuo Li.


"How awful the power is!"


"Is this Yuxu Inheritance? I heard it is incomplete. Why it still has powerful energy?"


All disciples couldn't help trembling with their faces full of astonishment. In the meantime, they remembered they had ever seen a mountain is destroyed by a huge lightning when they had been on the road. That scene really astounded them.


"Did this skill destroy a mountain?" A disciple murmured in a quivering voice.


"It's so unfortunately that this formidable Inheritance is incomplete!" An elder said that with pity. He was clear that Yuxu Inheritance had been incomplete already. The skill Ye Feng studied was just a very small part of whole Yuxu Inheritance. The Inheritance's essence had disappeared in the time perpetual flow.


"No one can frighten me!" Zuo Li exclaimed and turned round all his power, to cope with Ye Feng's attack. This time, he couldn't retreat! He represented Kendo Inheritance; if he drew back, Kendo Inheritance would be shamed. He couldn't tolerate that result!

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