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"Senior Zuo Li! He is Zuo Li, ranking 50th on the Qingyun List!" Plenty of disciples of Luoyun Sect exclaimed in surprise when they recognized the man.


Although Zuo Li was not hot discussed in the sect, nobody could underestimate him. He didn't appear in the public frequently and people here knew him based on one competition among inner disciples. Many talented disciples had abounded in the competition, outshining lesser-known Zuo Li. However, he had displayed his mighty power and defeated several well-known talented disciples, amazing all people. Because of that, he ranked 50th on the Qingyun List. But in fact, so many people thought the 50th rank didn't match with his power and he could be the top 30!


"How unscrupulous you are! You humiliate our Kendo Inheritance time after time. Do you think you have no rivals and our Inheritance is weak and easily bullied?" Zuo Li froze his face and his sights toward Ye Feng filled up with hostility.


"I have never provoked others voluntarily. It's your Kendo Inheritance that asks for an insult and provokes me without any reason." Ye Feng kept his composure; although he knew Zuo Li was a powerful rival, he never showed his fear.


"Don't find excuses! Today, no matter who will come here, I'll never give him the chance to help you! I'll make you a useless man completely. And you'll never dare to provoke Kendo Inheritance again!" Zuo Li roared in a cold voice and extended his right hand to attack Ye Feng straightly.


"Today, I'll let you know Yuxu Inheritance has risen already and nobody can despise it!" Ye Feng's eyes were sparkling. He waved his fists that boasted the power of the Divine Roc and confronted Zuo Li head-on.




The sword light burst out and scattered on the ground. It was no doubt that Ye Feng smashed Zuo Li's sword light just by a fist!


"Wind Cutting Sword!" Zuo Li fixed his eyes on one point and his glittering hands moved again. As the loud sound of swords resounded, countless sword lights flew out from his back. The energy of swords nearly rushed into the sky!


There came the sound of sizzle! With the explosion of lights, a green sword light turned up and was rounded by wild wind. Its sound nearly echoed in the land. This skill seemed exceedingly mighty and terrifying!


A lot of disciples around them were astounded by the power of Zuo Li's sword.


"Wind Cutting Sword…One of the top skills in Kendo Inheritance. Senior Zuo Li keeps a low-key attitude at ordinary times, but he has developed this top skill into such a horrific realm!"


"It's said that the Wind Cutting Sword going into ultimate realm can stir up billowy stormy waves, and destroy everything only by an attack!"


Not only these disciples, but also many Elders here gazed at Zuo Li with gleaming eyes.


"I really envy Kendo Inheritance! Their disciples are amazing!"


"If their disciple can join in our Inheritance, we'll have a brighter future!"


Quite a few Elders sighed, because their disciples can't be compared to the disciples of Kendo Inheritance.




The sword lights broke the clouds and the wind sound was terrifying. This skill, released by Zuo Li, displayed an extremely scaring power. It couldn't be parried! The vacant space shook as the wind blew, the sword lights also spreading potent power.


"Fire Cloud!" Ye Feng was serious. Meeting such a strong skill, he ran the Divine Roc in his body and added its power to the Fire Cloud, to ward off Zuo Li's raid.

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