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"Ah!" Zuo Li let out a roar with sword lights shooting out of his body. Just like explosion, he jumped up and headed for the upcoming lightning.


It was amazing! Zuo Li wanted to parry the lightning attack with his physical body!


"What is Senior Zuo Li doing? Why does he withstand the lightning by his physical body?" A disciple asked, his face filling up with astonishment.


"It's 'Transmuting Body into Sword'. He has cultivated to that high level!" An Elder explained in a deep voice, "This is one of his sword skills. It will help him to transmute his body into sword. Namely, there is no distinction between him and sword. If the power of this skill bursts out, it can destroy everything!"


As the cracking sound spread from Zuo Li constantly, the sword lights on his body became increasingly bright. He gave off excessively aggressive energy. If someone could see Zuo Li in the distance, the person would find him like an unsheathed sharp sword, shimmering with sword lights.


"I won't be defeated!" Unswerving will appeared in Zuo Li's eyes. He released his power to the highest level and displayed the essence of "Transmuting Body into Sword". His body seemed like a perfect sword, gleaming and giving off formidable energy. This was his strongest attack and his last attack. If he failed to triumph over Ye Feng, he would have no chance to win.


"This is a really shocking combat!" Nearly all people became nervous. Both Ye Feng and Zuo Li launched their strongest skills, and the result would come out through this attack!




Brilliant light and splendor burst out, the two skills smashing with each other. At this moment, the bloodcurdling energy shook the mountain.


Poof! Blood flew out from Zuo Li's mouth and faint lines on his body cracked, which indicated his physical body couldn't bear the power of Ye Feng's skill.


"I'd rather die than surrender!" Zuo Li maintained his firm spirit; he gritted his teeth, endured the pain from his cracking body and forced himself to resist the lightning attack. However, Ye Feng's Yuxu Skill was too mighty; adding the power of the Divine Roc, it was impossible for Zuo Li to confront.


Pow! Zuo Li was attacked and flew out. He spat out a lot of blood, incarnadining the ground.


 "I won't be defeated!" Zuo Li's face was full of pain and his eyes gleamed with unwilling light. He tried to stand up, but he suffered extremely heavy injuries. No matter what efforts he made, he couldn't stand up again.


"You failed to me. This is result, so you don't need to compel yourself to continue the fight." Ye Feng stood in wind and his clothes made a sound. No mercy could be found on his face. If he was weak and had no strong power, then the man lying on the ground would be him rather than Zuo Li. Ye Feng was sure he would be beaten to a useless man by Zuo Li and would lose the cultivation ability all his life if he was defeated by Zuo Li.


After the combat, the whole area fell into silence in a sudden. All people got into a daze, because Zuo Li and Leng Qingfeng, who had said they would suppress Ye Feng, had been conquered by Ye Feng. The two people were not common men! They were well-known disciples on the Qingyun List. Ye Feng's performance astounded all people here. His unrivaled pose spread out very naturally, making the crowd indulge in amazement.

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