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"Tiger Fist!" Ye Feng carried out the fierce Tiger Fist without any fear. As the roaring of tiger continuously echoed, the divine image of a shimmering white tiger appeared and rushed to the blue sharp sword.


Pow! Pow! Pow!


Ye Feng waved his fist as the strength of Saint Physique ran in his body. His physical body reached an inconceivable rigidity realm, slight golden luster emerging.




After three collisions, the blue sharp sword quivered sharply, and then it cracked. The blue light spattered on the ground, the sword broken bits.


"What? It's unbelievable! Is he a human being? Why he has a more powerful physical strength than some beasts?"


"Maybe he is a beast that has become a human being through cultivation?"


"How terrifying he is!"


All people here were stunned with their faces full of astonishment.


Slough! Slough! Slough!


Leng Qingfeng was dignified. Without any hesitation, he launched the Water Blue Sword Skill again. The water light gleamed around him and the blue light shot up to the sky. Many blue sharp swords showed up and hit to Ye Feng.


Ye Feng's eyes were sparkling. Bang! He jumped up, dazzling with golden lights. His fists, also covered by golden lights, smashed these blue sharp swords into chippings.


This was amazing! Each blue sharp sword had an ability to penetrate into gold and smash stones. Each of them was utterly dreadful.


"You!" Leng Qingfeng's face became pale and intense frustration appeared in his heart. Phfft! He turned round and planned to leave here without any hesitation. The longer he stayed here, the more disgraced he would feel!


"A talented disciple, ranking 67th on the Qingyun List, lost to Ye Feng and fled as rapidly as his feet can move…"


"What has Ye Feng experienced these days? Why is he so powerful?"


All people here were shocked, for they were frightened by Ye Feng's fighting power.


"You have attacked me so many times. Now, you want to go. Is it reasonable?" Ye Feng sneered. With a large step and fast speed as a golden lightning, he caught up with Leng Qingfeng in a wink.


"Have a taste of my fist!" Bright lights shimmered in Ye Feng's eyes. His golden fist was remarkably brilliant, just like a large sun, giving off glaring rays. The fist launched by him boasted mighty energy, causing roaring resounded in the vacant space.


Leng Qingfeng's expression was tremendously changed. He generated all his power to withstand Ye Feng's fist.


"Stop!" At this time, a person got close to them rapidly with his face filling up with fury. He tried to help Leng Qingfeng avoid this strong fist.




Sonorous sound echoed like a dull thunder burst out in the air. How astonishing the fluctuation was!


Leng Qingfeng flew out with his blood jumping up to the sky. All his bones were broken, resulted in his body was contorted. He fell down to the ground heavily and lost his mind due to pain.


"I'll kill you!"


The person, having shown up just now, got into fury. He was too slow to help Leng Qingfeng in time, causing Leng Qingfeng had suffered serious injuries. Leng Qingfeng's bones were broken!


"At first, I plan to give you a lesson, and let you know Kendo Inheritance can't be humiliated. But now, I change my idea. I will beat you to a disabled man and you can't cultivate any more all your life." This person roared coldly with a merciless smile.


"What do you think you are? You say beat me to a disabled man. So why do you think you can do it?" Ye Feng stood up and overlapped his hands behind the back. A kind of mighty energy spreading, he gazed at the person without any fear.

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