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"Gosh! I fell Ye Feng is greatly stronger than before!" Many disciples were astounded.


Leng Qingfeng was not nobody, he was a well-known disciple, ranking 67th on the Qingyun List! However, Ye Feng broke Leng Qingfeng's magic tool just by a fist and hit him to spit out blood. This was amazing! Most of people here couldn't believe the scenes before their eyes.


"Is this youth Ye Feng?" An Elder frowned at Ye Feng. He fell into intense astonishment, because Ye Feng was so powerful at the young age of around 15-16.


"Who wants to continue?" Ye Feng stood on the top of the mountain. His clothes were dancing in wind and his expression was utterly calm. It seemed like conquering Leng Qingfeng was mere a common thing for him.


"I'm not losing!" Leng Qingfeng gritted his teeth. He couldn't be vanquished; otherwise, his dignity would be trodden on the ground and he would be a joke of inner disciples. Phfft! A layer of blue halo curled up around Leng Qingfeng; this obscure halo looked very mysterious.


"Water Blue Sword Skill!" On the one side, an Elder was awfully startled.


Other surrounding disciples noticed the Elder's amazement and became puzzled, "Could you please solve our confusion? Is this skill mighty?"


"The word 'mighty' can't describe this skill…" That Elder released a deep gasp, and continued, "In the whole history of Luoyun Sect, every people who can cultivate the Water Blue Sword Skill has become a famous and strong cultivator in the end. This skill makes extremely strict demands for its cultivators. The cultivator must have a physique of Three Yin True Water (a special and extraordinary cultivation physique), then he can begin the study of this skill. I'm really surprised a disciple boasting the physique of Three Yin True Water will appear in our sect again!"


Hearing the Elder's words, these disciples were also amazed.


"No wonder Senior Leng Qingfeng can be selected on the Qingyun List. Each one of the list is excellent!"


"At first, I think Ye Feng must win, but now, he must be defeated!"


"What a deep background Kendo Inheritance has! They own such a rare sword skill like the Water Blue Sword Skill!"


Plenty of disciples sighed. The gap between their Inheritances and Kendo Inheritance was so wide!


Here came the sound of buzz. At this moment, the blue halo around Leng Qingfeng became more and more luminous. As the azure light burst out, a blue sharp sword turned up and cut Ye Feng in a thrilling speed. This blue sharp sword was terrifically uncommon; it was formed by the Three Yin True Water in Leng Qingfeng's body, so it had horrible and unpredictable power.




The blue sharp sword came close to Ye Feng in a wink. The blue light was like lightning, making all nearby things become blue, with intense algidity.


"Leng Qingfeng has cultivated the Water Blue Sword Skill to such a high level!" The elder who had said something just now was astounded once more.


"Take advantage of internal Three Yin True Water to forge a sharp sword, then the sword can penetrate into gold and smash stones. A common cultivator can't parry the sword. Leng Qingfeng may have a higher rank on the Qingyun List this time!" That Elder stared at Leng Qingfeng with lights gleaming in his eyes. He did a really high assessment of Leng Qingfeng.

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