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On the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain, Ye Feng devoted himself to cultivation. He put all remaining experience value in the Divine Roc and opened its level cultivation.


"It's really a dramatic change!" Ye Feng's face was filled with excitement. Owing to the opening of the Divine Roc's level cultivation, the skill's power was increased by 10 times. The most exhilarating thing was that the upgraded Divine Roc could transfer its power to other skills! Ye Feng thought this was fuck good news for him. Staying in Luoyun Sect, it was not convenient to use the Divine Roc directly. But now the problem was solved. He could impose the power of the Divine Roc on his other skills and didn't need to worry someone would find his secret.


"Tiger Fist!" Lights glistered in Ye Feng's eyes. He added the power of the Divine Roc to the Tiger Fist and punched. A sort of amazing energy fluctuation appeared and smashed a large green stone straightly.


"Fire Cloud!" Ye Feng again employed the power of the Divine Roc to the Fire Cloud. Immediately, boundless fire sea emerged and heat waves rolled to him. The power of Fire Cloud was greatly stronger than before.


"Yuxu Skill!" Ye Feng put on a stern expression. He had cultivated the Yuxu Skill all these days. The deeper he cultivated, the more surprised he would be! The Yuxu Skill was remarkably mighty. It could even compete with the Divine Roc.




Sonorous sound of thunder exploded and a flash of giant lightning suddenly fell down, causing a mountain was split into two parts.


"Supporting by the Divine Roc, the Yuxu Skill has become so powerful…"Ye Feng was indulged into amazement. He never imagined the Yuxu Skill could break out awfully mighty power like just now. Just a thunder was able to destroy a mountain!


"What happened?" Plenty of outer disciples were trembling because of fear. The terrifying and sudden lightning attack, featuring intensely strong power, really shocked them.


"Good boy! It's so fast to comprehend the core of the Yuxu Skill!" Strange lights shimmered in Weng Wuyou's eyes. Indeed, he was astounded by Ye Feng's talents; he didn't expect Ye Feng to give play to the mighty power of the Yuxu Skill during several days.




A rainbow bridge appeared in the air, above it stood a tall and handsome middle-age man.


"This fluctuation…belongs to the Yuxu Skill!" A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. In the meantime, he sped up and flew to the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain quickly.


On the other side, on a wide road, a lot of young men turned up and went to the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain. They noticed the horrible fluctuation and were frightened.


"Senior Zuo Li…What happened there?" An inner disciple asked in a shivering voice.


Zuo Li said nothing, he just looked out the distance for some time, and then he opened his mouth, "The fluctuation was incurred by a strong skill."


"What skill can generate the mighty power like that?" An inner disciple threw out his question with tremendous astonishment.

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