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In Luoyun Sect, on a cloud-kissing mountain, a palace-like building was floating in the air.


"Senior! Please help me and prove Kendo Inheritance's stateliness!" Elder Ning exclaimed with excitement to a middle-age man in green.


This was strange. Elder Ning seemed to be older than the middle-age man, but he called the man "senior".


"Okay, I got it. Now, you can leave here." The middle-age man said with an indifferent expression. A kind of extraordinary temperament could be found on him. He must be an uncommon person.


"Yeh. Senior." Elder Ning left with his face full of respects.


"Weng Wuyou. You appear again. Did the last combat at that year fail to destroy your cultivation conviction?" Cold lights were shot out from the middle-age man's eyes. Terrifying and unique power swarmed around him. It was no doubt that he was an excellent and strong cultivator.


Leaving from the floating building, Elder Ning darkened his face. "Kendo Inheritance is not easy to deal with! Senior Yi has promised me! Weng Wuyou, your good days will be ended!"


Elder Ning sneered. Senior Yi was called Yi Jianfei. He boasted powerful and unrivaled cultivation strength. Even in whole Luoyun Sect, he also had a high ranking. Especially in early years, Yi Jianfei had a bad relationship with Weng Wuyou. They had fought with each other, but Weng Wuyou had been defeated at that time. From then on, Weng Wuyou had stayed in Yuxu Inheritance Mountain and scarcely ever appeared in public.


In Luoyun Sect, on a short and small mountain stood a youth in blue, he was brandishing a crystal spiritual sword. His action was smooth and elegant. Suddenly, he crinkled his slender eyebrow and stopped waving sword.


"Senior Zuo Li!" An inner disciple turned up and called the youth with excitement.


"What's the matter?" Zuo Li frowned at the disciple. He liked quiet life and disliked getting along with other people, so he stayed in this mountain for cultivation all the time. In most conditions, few people would come here to find him.


"Senior Zuo Li…You'd better avenge Ye Feng for Kendo Inheritance!" The inner disciple was filled with indignation; he told Zuo Li all things had happened in the inheritance competition among outer disciples.


After hearing the inner disciple's description, Zuo Li's eyes became cold.


"Elder Ning is my teacher; he has helped me in cultivation. I'll never forget his kindness. Now he is insulted by Ye Feng, I can't sit by and do nothing."


"If you fight with Ye Feng, he must be a loser." The inner disciple gritted his teeth.


There was a great deal of noise in Luoyun Sect. Nearly everybody was discussing the affairs that had happened in the inheritance competition among outer disciples. Ye Feng and Xiao Teng, their names were spread through the whole sect. Especially Ye Feng, he overshadowed other people. He was so dauntless to slap the Elder of Kendo Inheritance; it was difficult to neglect his behavior.


"Over half of disciples in Luoyun Sect come from Kendo Inheritance, but Ye Feng despises Kendo Inheritance in such a rampant way. I think his life will be miserable in the future."


"Future? He has no future! I heard Senior Zuo Li has set out and he will punish Ye Feng!"


"Zuo Li? He has a place on Qingyun List! Wow, it exceeds my expectation…" All inner disciples here were astounded. There were more than 1,000 inner disciples in Luoyun Sect, but only top 100 inner disciples could be selected on Qingyun List. Therefore, the disciple who was on Qingyun List must be a talented cultivator!


"Zuo Li can do nothing…Ye Feng has been protected by Elder Weng, how can Zuo Li launch an attack to Ye Feng?"


"Elder Weng is unable even to protect himself. Elder Yi Jianfei of Kendo Inheritance also gets out to cope with Elder Weng!"


"Elder Yi Jianfei…" One inner disciple breathed in a gasp, for Yi Jianfei was a legendary Elder in Luoyun Sect!


In the past, there had been a horrible fierce beast rioting in a mountain. Several Elders of Luoyun Sect had failed to control that fierce beast and they had been hurt by the beast finally. But later, Yi Jianfei had headed for the beast alone. Just by one movement of his sword, the horrible fierce beast had been killed.


"It seems to be difficult for Yuxu Inheritance to rise sharply…"

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