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"Senior Zuo Li and Elder Yi Jianfei are going to the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain. Let's go and see what will happen!"


"I knew that. Kendo Inheritance can't bear the humiliation!"


After the news spread in Luoyun Sect, so many disciples departed for the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain.


In these days, Yuxu Inheritance enjoyed a high-profile appearance. Ye Feng and Weng Wuyou became utterly famous in Luoyun Sect, but the two had been not eye-catching at all before. Yuxu Inheritance Mountain also became a hot place.


"Founder, will you let them do this?" In an exquisite palace, Elder Fu asked a middle-age man with respect.


This middle-age man was the current Founder of Luoyun Sect!


"I can't control Elder Weng or Kendo Inheritance. So what can I do?" The Founder of Luoyun Sect let out a deep sigh. Kendo Inheritance had become increasingly powerful, until now, even if he was the Founder, he couldn't interfere in their affairs.




Rainbow bridges continuously appeared in the air. Plenty of Elders were heading for the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain.


"Are you afraid?" Weng Wuyou gazed at Ye Feng with lights shimmering in his eyes.


"No." Bright lights gleamed in Ye Feng's eyes and no fear could be found on his face.


"Fine. Let's 'welcome' them!" Weng Wuyou sneered and stood up with Ye Feng at the entrance of mountain, waiting for people who wanted to stir up troubles.


"Weng Wuyou, do you think our Kendo Inheritance is easy to be bullied?" A shout like a dull thunder bombed. Soon, a tall and handsome middle-age man stood before Weng Wuyou and Ye Feng. He was the legendary Elder of Luoyun Sect, Yi Jianfei! His hair was black and his sights were aggressive; he seemed to be over 40 years old, but he abounded in vital energy and blood, which made him like a furnace.


"Yeah. So what?" Weng Wuyou also roared and released his energy, not weaker than Yi Jianfei.


"Weng Wuyou. Did you forget the past failure?" Yi Jianfei put on a cold smile. In the previous combat, he displayed his strong power and defeated Weng Wuyou directly, without any suspense.


"Things have changed. Don't talk before!" Weng Wuyou exclaimed coldly. He was not like before. These years, he had cultivated Yuxu Inheritance all the time. Several years ago, he had made some achievements, so his power had been greatly promoted. When he confronted Yi Jianfei again, he had a strong confidence in success.


"All right. Today, I will show you our Kendo Inheritance can't be humiliated. You will pay for what you did before!" Yi Jianfei's eyes were cold. Slough! He moved as a sword and launched deadly raid to Weng Wuyou.


"Yuxu Inheritance has never fallen behind any Inheritance!" Weng Wuyou was dauntless; brilliant star splendor rushed out and rounded him. He strode and fought with Yi Jianfei head-on.




Many people came down on the ground; they were other Elders of Luoyun Sect.


"Senior Yi deserves the reputation he enjoys. The fluctuation of his attacks proves he is stronger than before."


"Kendo Inheritance is awfully outstanding. Each Kendo skill has its own unmeasured mighty power…" Elders here couldn't help sighing with emotion. They were not the Elders of Kendo Inheritance; compared with Kendo Inheritance, they felt their own Inheritances were extremely terrible.

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