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Chapter 58 – Behind the miracle (1) Translated by Castigliano

The melody came to its end, and everyone stood silently.

At that moment, one of the main characters in this event, Mo Ya, appears publicly, in front of the stage.

As for Sha Lan, she knows she had been thoroughly defeated. What she now wants is for Zhen Xiao Yan to be fake, the beauty who won the match to not be the fat girl from twenty days ago.

If not, the only choice left for her is to accept that she has to share Mo Ya with Zhen Xiao Yan. She could only hope for her status in Mo Ya’s mind to not be lower than Zhen Xiao Yan.

After this match, everyone believes that the end of the story is obvious.

With the best wishes from everyone, Zhen Xiao Yan and Mo Ya stared at each other, fondly, and soulful, ignoring the passing of time.

Several minutes later, they still just gazed at each other.

“Fatty, go, go for your love. You had to go through a hell of a difficult time, the frustration, the insinuation, all these difficulties that you’ve overcome, this is your reward, with the strength you’ve gotten. You deserve it. Just go.” Said Ye Lang.

He noticed that Zhen Xiao Yan stood still on the stage, without stepping close to Mo Ya, so Ye Lang reminded Zhen Xiao Yan.

“Then…Then…Aye” Zhen Xiao Yan hesitates, shy and diffident.

“Oh…Woman, why are you hesitating? It’s so hard to understand women, I’m going home!” Ye Lang was puzzled. He didn’t understand why she didnt’t step forward towards her love, Mo Ya was just in front of her, so close! Ye Lang walked off the stage, shaking his head, going back home.

“Brother, you…you’re just going home? Don’t you want to stay here, and watch what happens to them?” Ye Lan Yu asked, curiously. She was waiting for a long time outside the stage.

“Boring. It’s just a couple of lovers whispering their affection. I am not interested in it. I’m tired now from the twenty days’ intensive work, sparing no effort to succeed… I need to relax, you know.” Ye Lang says casually, seemingly not caring about his achievements at all.

“Tired? Alright, you can go home, the carriage is waiting outside, you can doze off for a while.” Ye Lan Yu said, soft and gentle. When she hears Ye Lang saying that he is exhausted, she wouldn’t ask any more questions, no matter how eager she was to know the answer.

A sound arose.

“Heee, you liar, you were lazing around all these days, doing nothing, watching Zhen Xiao Yan struggling, working hard. You never encouraged her, not even trying to ease her suffering…”

“Hmm? Liu Fei Yan, you are here?” Ye Lang was surprised to see Liu Fei Yan standing next to him. She was as comely and attractive as she used to be. Of course, it was not his impression, but the public’s.

“Why can’t I stand here? I was snowed under the tasks you two gave me over the past twenty days, I must see how great my achievement is. Although, I did believe you could do it, but I am surprised to see the ultimate effect. Three days ago, Xiao Yan was not as attractive as what she is now. What else did you do to her, to transform her to such a beauty?” Liu Fei Yan said with a smile.

Meanwhile, her words made everyone understand why such tremendous change happened to Zhen Xiao Yan. Ye Lang had his reasons to disappear during the past three days. The reason is that he had to try his best, to make Zhen Xiao Yan perfect, without any flaw. At least, he had to ensure that Zhen Xiao Yan would be perfect for the competition.

“And, you’re just leaving? Don’t you want to know the result of this competition?” Liu Fei Yan asked the question again.

Ye Lang yawned, “No need to see the result. The performance by fatty was perfect, victory is hers, unless there is bias from the judges. But they wouldn’t dare do so. Besides, even if she is not No. 1, look at Zhen Xiao Yan and Mo Yan now. She is happy with what happened, reputation and fame won’t matter.”

“Zhen Xiao Yan and Mo Ya???”

“Yep, don’t you see that? Ohhhh, mistress.”

“Mistress? How can you call Xiao Yan mistress?”

“Why not? Sha Lan and Mo Ya are a couple, and now Xiao Yan will tell everyone her affection for Mo Ya. Poor Sha Lan! And Mo Ya, fickle in affection, loving the new and hating the old.” Ye Lang said deliberately.

“No, you are wrong. In this continent, you can have more than one wife. On the other hand, Mo Ya hasn’t married Sha Lan yet. He has to choose who will be his wife, you know.”

“Leave it alone, you little brat.”

“Then, I leave it alone. After all, fatty has realized her dream. Other things don’t matter.”

“Aye, Xiao Yan fought for Mo Ya. As long as she gets the acknowledgement of Mo Ya, all these struggles and difficulties she went through will be meaningful. The fame of the No.1 belle is just redundant.”

Princess Qi interrupted, “Ye Lang, how did you do that? Transforming Xiao Yan to such a beauty. Amazing, it is like, like the power of a god.”

Ye Lang sighed, shaking his head, “It is not how I did that, it is how she could achieve it. What I did is just make pills, and let her immerse into water mixed with herbs, providing a little help. It is she who transformed into a brand new person, with hard work, sparing no effort to realize her dream. If she didn’t realize that her persistence is the only thing that can change her future, I couldn’t have helped her even if I have the power of a god.”

Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi became silent, speechless. But Liu Fei Yan knew what Ye Lang meant, she witnessed the transformation Xiao Yan went through, as well as the price she paid, which was hard for normal people.

As for Ye Lang, what she saw was that he was always leisurely and carefree, and took it easy, it seemed that he didn’t care for the consequences of the transformation. But she knew, Ye Lang’s support for Xiao Yan, was known by Xiao Yan herself, and no one else.

As for the relationship between Ye Lang and Zhen Xiao Yan, it became strange and ambiguous. Originally, they were good friends, and they would quarrel with each other, but soon they would reconcile, returning to harmony.

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